Friday, May 15, 2009

Went to T1's UNI QLO again to try out their blazers, with dion, soon liang and jin hui.
I seems to like these picture more than the one i took last time because these picture now inside i wearing long pant.. HAHA.
Didn't take jin hui wearing the blazer, he too shy for us to take picture of him also no included soon liang because he never send me him pictute. haha.
Ohya.. I also found a part-time job liao.. Yeah!!
Working with soon liang and dion at Marina Square's Paris Buffet.
Soon liang will be starting work soon because he already above 16..
As for dion and me, still need to wait till after our birthday than can work.
(below the pictures we took in UNI QLO)

Jiao bin OMG!

So tired man.. Stressed by exams somemore yesterday last exam paper got a slight fever and my leg is so so so damn tired, its wobbling man.
Have taekwondo after the last paper but didn't go, just went there to slack.
Went out with soon liang to slack than went to find soh yeon and her friend..
Feel better after slacking with them and went for central cc training.