Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ahh haa!! Damn shiok seh.. Next week's monday to friday intensive maths class all cancelled. Woohoo! haha. Free from classes.. Don't what has happened that the school cancelled the classes, should be the h1n1 thingy ba.. 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage that the class is cancelled. Advantage because can go tkd training hahahaha.. Disadvantage, no one can teach and revise maths with me cause i really damn lazy to do my homework man.. Need teacher to go through. Haiz.. Really need a job now to earn money now man!! SOOO short of money.. Need $10 for my P.A, and another $50 for my team ACME anniversary dinner and dance ticket! Somemore qing long sir say what, each of the boys(soonliang, dion, weimin and me) have to buy 2 tickets.. He say 1 for ourselve another 1 for our girlfriend~ OMG~ When the hell do we have a girlfriend?? haha. Except for soonliang la got girlfriend.. Then he say if no girlfriend then anyhow go find 1 girl to be our partner~~ SO DIAO.. How i wish i can have a girlfriend as all the boys will think this way too.. Thought of 1 girl after qing long sir say that.. but, ah nevermind. All i have to do is find a way not to buy 2 tickets or sell the another ticket to other people.. Anyway, very happy that i came in 4th in my first Taekwondo National Poomsae. The JCs student standards are too high man, cant really win them but i will polish up my pattern and beat them next year. haha.