Friday, September 11, 2009

 Sorry guys, unable to post the videos of National Taekwondo Chanpionship.
There is error in uploading it. Stupid blogger.
Anyways, damn sian la.
Holiday so fast finishing le.
But nevermind, hope tomorrow gonna have fun.
Yeah. Acme dinner. HAHA.
And i'm so so broke la..
Spent more than 50 bucks on maximum tune last few days.
But i'm still gonna save more money to play. hehe.
Sigh. Later demo training.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Today, the last day of Singapore Nationals Taekwondo Championship 2009.
Today so fun and exiting.. haha.
All the matches was so indescribable la.
They fight until so cool lor.
Especially Jason Sir and Joyce Ma'am ah..
Wa.. Damn pro lo. Starting only kick the opponent's head like for free one sia.
So shiok la~~ Kick head. The feeling ah is so exiting. ^^
But afterall, i still like the way Jason Sir fight the most.
I damn like his fighting style man. So stylo la.
Do 360 fake then 360 turning kick and follow up by a reverse kick and hit. WOW.
I really gonna learn that kind of style, he is my idol man. lol.
But unfortunately i can't kick head.
Next year maybe my first year fighting Nationals, but its also my last year fighting junior category. Sian.
Will be in the same category with Jeric, Dion and Anthony..
No matter what happens, i will endure till the last and get myself a medal.
After next year will be fighting senior category liao.
There won't be any chance for me to get any medal at all.
Cause all the PROs fighting..
Got Jason sir, Sherman sir, Soon liang, Dion, Ganesh and etc.
Too many PROs for me to fight. Sigh. 
Have to train hard liao.
Must train my speed and style, not because i'm heavy, i'm slow.
I'm gonna show that i'm good too.
Just wait.
Oh ya.. The videos of Jason sir and others fighting, i will post them next time.
Cause have no time for me to load, sorry.
I will post it ASAP.