Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music is bringing me into another world~
It really makes me relax. haha.

Be independent
How will i feel when people talk bad things behind me??
Maybe i should ask people how they feel when i talk bad things behind their back first.
Tired is all i can say now..
Hope there will be nothing affecting me.
Actually there is nothing. haha.
Trying to run things smoothly.
Chemistry practical is getting fun. lol.

Try putting yourself in my shoe.
Feel what i feel.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Noticed this blue adidas statue have been starring at me all time when i'm walked into
this Adidas shop in somerset@313 .
So, i stared back at him but another classic man beside him stare at me.
Say all you want guys..
Say i'm a coward, asshole, idiot, bastard, f-ker, s-ker, jb, knn, kns and etc..
I am not what you all are thinking..
Deep inside me, you all won't know.

i just wanna concentrate on studies and now im so stressed over things.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Went Bugis street, iluma, heeren and etc today with
Soonliang, Dion and Weizhen.
The rest can't make it. :(
But nevermind, we still had a little bit of fun anyway. :)
Went bugis first to look for some clothes but the clothes they sell
ain't what expect though..
Met dion's mum, a uncle at his mum's shop was funny~ haha.
Iluma after that.
Wa. I love iluma's arcade la, let me tell you.
Its so damn fun.
And i am so gonna go to their lan shop one day after O. :)
Head to orchard, walk down to far east to check out some shoe dion want.
Ate KFC there too.. Full of philipinos. lol.
Then, walk down to Heeren and Somerset@313.
Heeren is boring..
Somerset@313 is a nice place to shop. :)
Bought some clothes there.
A pair of shoe to go..
Going to orchard, bugis and iluma later with friends :)
Go shop shop. Hehe.
My mum finally giving me money to buy my new year clothes. YAY~
Don't have to save.
But don't know how much she'll give me.. :(
Better give me more la. haha.