Sunday, February 14, 2010

K~ Let me do a quick post here..
Damn tired today..
My relatives came to visit and i'm still in bed sleeping. LOL.
Woke up at about 11+, lucky they haven't leave.
Went to my grandma's house after that.
Soooo damn sian even though i collected quite a number of ang pao. (:
The adults chatting and playing mahjong.
Small kids playing with each other running up and down the stairs.
Sitting down doing nothing.
Some watching television and some talking to the adults.
At about 4pm, my brothers played mahjong with my mum.
So, i took a nap on the sofa.. :(
But, nevermind.
Tuesday going my sir's house bua kiao* in the morning then going out with clique in the
Hope it will be fun!

Bua kiao* = gamble