Thursday, February 24, 2011

Received my enrolment package.
Opened it up.
Read through the booklet until a page showing Medical Examination For The Diploma In Outdoor & Adventure Learning.
That page scared me la.
I thought was like RP posting to another course instead of my own course.
Until later when i went out with serkit and his friends then i know it is just a medical checkup, which everyone need to do it.
Not i stupid, maybe i am.
Because i thought they ask me to check whether i am fit enough for that course above, you know what i mean. Joke.
I think i so need to read newspaper more.
This dixon said to me just now at Burgur King that my usage vocabulary in my blog is like...
Vocab is chim but used wrongly. lol.
Now i need to blog lesser liao until my grammar and vocab improve. 

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