Monday, February 28, 2011

Have been thinking and thinking about some stuff.
When it comes to this one thing ah, i am always a fickle-minded person.
I cannot make up my mind which one do i like more.
Anyway even if i made up my mind choosing either one of it.
It seems impossible or make it totally impossible for me to get it.
I might as well give up on this thing, unless this thing show me some hints for me not to give up on this thing.
However, i see no hints.
So, ya.

Anyway, went to JB with some of the ACME members for a friendly match.
Two matches.
First match, fought with a guy taller and better than me and it's a good fight though.
Manage to fight through the whole match with the guide of KS sir.
Although me being kicked on the head for two time.
Second match, i totally under performed. sigh.
Feeling so tired during the second match.
With a light injury on my right knee and instab.
Also i don't know how i get a cut of about 5cm on my waist. haha.
Good experience anyway. 
Now, train to be better and meet them again next time.

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