Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It is march now and i am clinging on to this little hope, waiting for TP to email me.
It better be successful, if not i'll be going to woodlands everyday for school.
Surprisingly, after waiting for TP's email for quite some time.
I had actually slowly wanting to study in RP. Hahha.
Since that i accepted RP as my school, if TP reject me again i won't enter RP unhappily.
Still, i would be even happier if i can enter TP. lol.
I slowly liked RP because they offer lappy like Macbook for us. Haha!
Need to discuss with my parent about the macbook pro.
But, need to depends on their mood. :/
Need to wait for the right time to ask them.
Also depends on my elder brother, damn.
He will later tell my parent that i can use his laptop and so on. -.-
No matter what, i will do whatever i can do to convince my parent to get me that. hehe.
Can't wait to start school now.
So booooooorrrrreeeddd at home.
And i haven't finish settling my enrolment stuff.

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