Friday, April 22, 2011

Hmm.. What can i blog about?
School have been great!! Hahah.
Everyone started talking to each other like as if they knew each other on the first day. LOL
I love my classmates! W36P.
They are all so friendly, a bunch of funny people.
Presentations and stuff is stressing for us i think?
But they made they presentation fun.
Debating here and there till the facilitator ask them to stop.
And said; "alright, it is a good and healthy debate there~"
A lot of nonsense made by them but funny.
Didn't regret for not choosing TP though.
And i also found out that RP do also have attachments! :D
So happy. 
Most probably to be attached to some airline companies like ST aerospace? 
Only during our third year.
And, RJs is troubling my time management..
It will only released after 3.30pm, meaning by we can only do them after 3.30pm.
Which ruin my planning for activities after that time... :(
I think that is the only issue that i not really happy about ba.
I hope somebody can plan a class outing for my secondary class.
Not that i miss them or what but just wanna see how are they.

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