Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Yesterday, went to meet cliques at tampines mall's mac.
All was late~
Except for Soonliang and Ameline which was quite early.. haha.
After awhile sutri reached too.
Then, ameline and sutri went to buy some stuff while
Soonliang, tara and me went arcade.
Walked in the arcade for not even 5 minutes, they called and ask us to go down. LOL.
Set off to marina barrage first while riduan, dion and serkit waits for darren and wei en to finish their mac. haha.
Took train to pasir ris and bounce back to raffles place.
While bouncing back, k.
Soonliang is annoying, kept asking this stupid question!
Reached marina bay and we wait for the shuttle bus like for about 20 minutes? Thats long la..
We or maybe some of us were disappointed/sad because of the wet and muddy grass patch they have..
But nevermind..
We still got ourselves a place that we can celebrate sutri's belated and jane's birthday in advance.
Sat down and had the ice cream cake we bought for them with what??
Our hands! HAHAHA!
Some used the cardboard from the cake and some used tissue paper.
The tissue paper then sticks to the cake dion ate some into his stomach. hahaha!
Just when we finish the cake.
We then thought of singing them a birthday song. lol.
Quite fun la..
Dion later on got nothing do and he took this don't know what fish one la.
And tie each other up which became very long. haha.
He then place the fish thingy one end in his mouth, another end in soonliang's mouth.
Starts playing sissor paper stone, the one lose have to eat the fish thingy and their mouth get closer and closer. 
So funny la~
But i do think the girls are quite upset because they bought this masquerade masks and didn't
have their chance to put it on and camwhore.
But whatever~ haha.
We went to IKEA to play catching! 
Thats what we did last year with our school uniform.
So scared but so fun.
You know what i mean~ haha.
KK~ don't know what to write liao. ^^

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Spotted any difference?
Was damn bored doing nothing so did a little editing on this picture.
Added a few more people in who suppose to be in the clique.

1 more week to school reopen.
YAY! haha.
Really can't wait la~
But anyway, this week would be quite busy for me.
Quite alot of activities coming up..
Monday going to collect my pants and "maybe" going to friend's house to play.
Tuesday~ Going out to meet cliques! :D
Wednesday... This i really not very sure whether we have to go back to school to check
on what class we're going to.
And thurdays onwards.. New year BBQ party with ACME.
Hope it will be fun~ :D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wish everyone a very
and a
Hope all the wishes you people accumulated this year may come true.
As 2009 is going to end very soon, we have to prepare ourself for a new start.
And from what i know, year 2009 is a very happy year for me.
Had all the fun with classmates and taekwondo friends and whoever who knows me.
Learned alot alot of things this year.
To acheive something you want, is all up to the hardwork and effort you had put in.
So, for me, i do think my hardwork did pay off.
Year 2010 maybe would be a better year for us.
With a better person, better attitude, better behaviour and a better results we may come out with.
And hope people could be more optimistic.
Don't fight or quarrel over little things.
Should always learn how to give in and forgive.
And things could be much more better than you expect.
So lets work hard together and walk down this road together too.
To all my friends,
You'll never walk alone.
LOL! Liverpool's motto.

(i don't know what the hell i'm talking about)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Am i a loser or what?
I'm now worrying for my english next year. LOL!
Can any kindsoul help or tuitor my english?
Time is really passing by so slow for me this few days.
The holidays and boredom are really killing me!
I want to go out and play! But i'm lazy..
Feeling lethargic too..
Do not know why~
Slept more than 8 to 9 hours for almost a week but still feels tired and indolent.
Think only school can makes me more active. LOL.
Sigh. BORED!!
Let us countdown guys, 12 more day to school reopen again. ^^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its just 2 more weeks till school reopens again.
Yeah! LOL.
Can't wait la..
Gotta buy new school uniform liao, old ones doesn't fit on me anymore.
Holiday gives me no life..
I get f-ing bored at home man..
7 more days~
Mi manca un sacco un bambino molto.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I got 14 points for my EMB3.
So glad that i can actually apply for sec 5. :D
Gonna promise that i will study more harder than i do this year and will read more books and
newpapers to improve my english.
Need to work hard on science too.
Didn't get what i expected.. >.<
But the rest does. HAHA.
So happy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

After watching russell peter's video about italians.
I do find italian is so cool to speak. HAHA.
Its just sound cool you know.
Italiana e cosi cool.
Bambino, mi manchi.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Overall, this trip can still be said was fun~
But only the last night and last morning was the most fun day ever. HAHA.
People who are with me the last night and last morning should know how fun it was.


Wa.. all playing psp. lol.

My room! Look at the refrigerator besides dion.
Its was actually in the cabinet under the television but we took it out for convenience. haha.

Somewhere near night market..

On our 2km walk to night market.

YEAH! The night market! haha.

AISEH~ Champion lei.. lol.

WOW. This is fun. haha.

OMG! Dion's naked. LOL. k he is wearing a pants.

OK~ This is the worst bus driver ever in earth, let me tell you guys.
He is paid more than half a thousand a day just to drive us.
But, he only drive us to the stadium and back to hotel..
He is asked to drive us to buy food but he said "you who got car drive go buy lo".
Then, we finished our competition and called him at 4.45 to fetch us back to hotel.
He says he will reach the stadium in an hour.
But one and a half hour later, he is still not there at the stadium to fetch us.
SO, we called him again.
He says he will reach in 10minutes but he is late by 1minute.
He made us waited for 1 hour and 41minute?!
Made us lying on hard ground sleeping and waiting for him.
F your mother la stupid bus driver.