Friday, April 3, 2009

Training of front & backflips in Simei Savannah

Whoow! What a nice backflip.. HAHA. That is Soon liang, so called our "assistant backflip coach" for Wei Min & me. In this picture, Soon Liang's flip look very nice right? haha. But the actual flip he did in this picture is not a very successful one because of his landing.. This flip in this picture is too nice & maybe you all will believe me that he did not have a successful landing.

Eh Eh.. Thats Wei Min, who tried very hard to have a perfect frontflip in this picture. He also tried doing backflips but did not success due to a bad landing with his ass which might hurt you if you do it on hard ground and thats why we train in swimming pool.

I told him that backflips is harder to train so just concentrate on his frontflip 1st.

Ah ha! This is Dion, so called our backflips "coach". He can do backflips well but in this picture on the left don't look very nice because its a little slanted. He don't only do backflips but also 720 turn(left bottom). He did the 720 turn but its not successful because he landed on the swimming pool with his body flat. Although its not successful but it still look very nice. All we need is more self training. "No pain, no gain".

Haha!! Finally its my photo, haha. That is Tong khee & its me! Is my frontflip nice? Haha. I'm not satisfied with this flip man because its damn slanted man.. but this is the best frontflip photo i can find among all the other 5o+ picture in my friend's mobile phone.

Haiz. I'm lazy to post any more comments to these photos.. but i'll just show all of you the other photos we took on 29th March, sunday. (below)