Saturday, April 11, 2009

Damn.. Today tkd training was tough man. Need to climb stairs up to the last storey of 11 floors, 2 sets!! Somemore got 1 new uncle member, hold the target like shit ah. Hold correctly but never move 1.. made us need to do so many times. Haiz.. Uncle is still a uncle, lao liao jio shi lao liao. Somemore spar with Wei min, tried a fake back thrust followed by a turning kick. HaHa.. Strike man! But in the end when i did hard turning kick on him but he block my kick with elbow?! Made my right instab sollen, lol. After all, quite fun. Went to eat lunch with my friends and went to shop the new opened Tampines 1. Looks so big on the outside but inside so narrow but the shops there very nice to shop. The things they are selling made me wanted to buy so much man!! But i got no money.. ah!! Damn broke. Eagerly looking for a part-time job with minimum of $5/hour with Soon liang. Because december ACME is going to korea($1000+ man) and genting!! I want to go!! HaHa.
Oh ya! Went to Terminal 1 to welcome my ACME Jason Sir back to Singapore from Gao Xiong(Taiwan) which i had never see him before with my two Ma'am(Melati and Wei zhen) and Soon liang.. My training gonna be more tough man.
Happy Belated Birthday Jereen!! HAHA. Went to celebrate my baby cousin's birthday yesterday.. She so cute!! Played her toys with her in her play-room.. She have good life man, have total of 5 cousins including me to play with her.. She got a big toy kitchen and a electronic washing machine and etc in her play room. Thats my baby cousin Jereen, 2nd from the left. 1st is her father followed by her mother and her grandmother cutting her favourite barney cake!

Below is a video of my baby cousin singing birthday song with a guitar to herself!! HAHA! SOOO cute! Took the video secretly.. or not she will not sing.. Just 3years old.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I want a new Class Chairman!! I don't want the stupid dumb "DOG" ming chuen continue to be chairman, i want anyone but not him pls! Chairman is supposed to be 1st to reach and last to go home but he is the opposite. As we knows chairman hold the class key and should reach the class to open the door much more earlier than the rest. But today after P.E lesson he made almost half the class standing outside the class to wait for him, i think we waited for about 10 minutes plus. The fact is he went to change back to his school uniform but do he need 10 minutes plus so much?? Idiot man.. Then he finally came out of the toilet which is about 50m away from my class. He saw us waiting for him to open the door but he still strolling toward the class until only some of my friends and i move forward and shouted at him then he is willing to use his leg to run.. What kind of chairman is this?!? A chairman who eat and use phone in class? Almost the whole class.. nope it should be the whole class is requesting to change chairman man.. Pls Mdm zubaidah, change a chairman pls!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Asking for job in Escape

5th april, Sunday. I meet Dion, Darren and Wei min at pasir ris whitesand mac but only Wei min turned up. Called Darren, he says he told dion day before that he couldn't make it tomorrow. Then i smsed dion, he told us to wait for him before cause he is clearing bugs at home and he will be meeting us before 2pm. About 2pm, he sms says he is not coming.. I replied F**K. Then, Wei min and me went to play arcade for awhile. Surprisely, he sms us saying that he will be coming.. On the spot i'm damn F**K up rdy because just now he sms he is not coming then now he sms he coming so i don't know whether he coming anot. So Wei min and me waited for him.. About 10mins later he sms us he not coming, i'm damn angry. So i called him, i asked him where is he? He say he at home clearing bugs, got alot things to do. Then i asked, so you coming anot? He shouted at me, NO! I have alot of things to do la! Need to clear all the bugs! You want come my house see anot?! What you want!! (line cutted off) Then i am so DULAN* lor.. Asked him properly, he shout back at me.. If not coming say earlier la.. Made us waited for him for about 1.5 hours. Sorry also never say still want shout at people.. Wei min and me decided to go and ask for the job ourselves. We took the form and filled it up passed it back to the manager.. He invited us to his office and asked us some questions and i also asked him some questions. After the talking, he told us if by 6pm today we call you that means we want you to work for us and will ask you over for trainings. Then we went home and waited anxiously.. The clock hits 6pm and my phone did not rang.. I'm so disapointed that i couldn't get the job. But i'm keen to look for another one..

*dulan= very angry in hokkien
It was just only my first day i go for North CC training and after the tiring training. It was a very young taekwondo member's birthday and we went to KFC near Tampines mall to celebrate his birthday.. His mom spent alot of money to treat us, you should know how much a KFC meal cost right? Look how many people are there in the picture.. 11, including the camera women, Joyce ma'am in the mirror. I can tell you not just 11 people.. there is more bebind joyce ma'am, total i think there is alomst 18 people. Thats alot.. it will cost you a bomb to treat so many people. Then dion tell me, next time better don't tell people your birthday to anyone in the North CC Taekwondo because when our birthday comes have to treat all of them.. HaHa. Enjoyed my first taekwondo training in North CC. We went to Tampines mall's arcade to play and slack, i challenged joyce ma'am basketball shoot-out.. you know what?? I LOST to joyce ma'am man.... Her score was 414 and mine was like 300+ only.. Then i decided to save more money to train my basketball shoot-out in arcade to win her. HaHa.

Sports Day

Woohoo!! 31st March, tuesday. Its was our school's Sports Day.. Its boring at first because i just ate my breakfast and was very full before i went to Temasek Poly for sports day. Its was boring also because of those lower secondary girls.. they ran damn slow, as if they are acting in a slow motion movie~ When comes to the boys part, it became fun. HAHA. They ran just like i'm pressing fast-forward.. Oh ya! My class was damn supporting man.. they cheered for me so loudly especially darren, shouted till he lost his voice. You see the batman board? i drew that a day before sport day and i passed it to faith to bring home because she said her elder brother have alot painting material, so she brought it home to paint and brought it over to Temasek Poly stadium. After all the runs, they called out all the 8x100 participants to line up on the field and they started the race with the lower sec 1st. Its was not even our turn to run and my class had started to hold the batman board walking around asking people to support the BATMAN=ME. Then, dion and ashraf hold the board walking around and ask me to come along. They asked me to stand at the center.. know wat happened? Its damn funny la.. While we walking around the field, they shouted at the peoples to get lost because they are blocking the Super Hero-Batman's way.. lol. After the lower sec ran, its our turn to run.. i walked to my position and stood there. I was so nervous, my heart beating so fast like a machine gun shooting. Although i'm nervous, i don't show it my emotions because my Wei min and herman was standing the same position as me... i scared they laugh at me but they themselves also nervous.. haha. Then Wei min's class teacher who is running for his class walked towards us and told us that nervous is good, so later you'll run faster. No link? haha. Then the race starts, its was a good start that my class was leading in the 1st 400 metre. Om the 2nd round, my class slowed down.. Ica was overtaken by almost all the other classes but nevermind because when the batten was passed to Wei kiat, he sprinted all the way, surpassed his own limits just to take back our position. He tried hard but he still unable to catch up a sec 5 boy.. and the batten was passed to our teacher Mr lim, he sprints towards the finishing line but overtaken by Mr wong. So exhausted after the run and watching Mr lim sprinting to finish the game and he took a 3rd position for our class. So happy!! Thanks so much Mr lim. Thats the medal we took for our 8x100 run. The medal on the very left, the other two medal was won in my inter-class soccer competition. The 1 in the middle is won this year 2009 and the 1 on the right is won last year 2008 with my malay friends in 2C. I'll never forget those days i won these medal.