Sunday, April 26, 2009

26th of April
Tong khee Rested In Peace
Haha! Just joking.. But anyway, i feel so dead. Today taekwondo training damn hardcore man, somemore i didn't eat my breakfast and just drank a packet of milo and went for training. 2 hours plus of training with just only one break, continuously kicking none stop.. everyone was like half dead? haha. Finally training finish, all the boys went to take off their shirts and squeezed out their sweat into the drain. haha. Ganesh and my sweat was like so digusting la.. Can squeez out atleast a 150ml bottle of sweat lor.. even my whole gi pants also wet man.. So wet, so tired and so dead. haha. Went Carl's junior for lunch, so expensive sia but worthy.. Their burger and fries very nice, have to start saving for that.