Saturday, May 9, 2009

Haha. Today after training went for lunch with my friends, than we made fun of soon liang..
We found out that he scared tickling on his neck, so dion and me kept tickling him on the
neck and soon liang kept swifting around just like a
crazy man having hallucination that got ghost around him.. haha.
(below the video)

Today training do so many jumping kicks, do till my ball of my foot damn pain man..
After training go eat lunch, ate the Pungol fried noodle and add noodle.
$5.. Eat until damn full la.
Than go walk T1, walk until my legs shaking la... so TIRED!!
But nevermind, had some fun in UNI QLO.
We tried some of their clothing and tooks some pictures.
HAHA. (below)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Damn tired today lor.. and also damn f**k up because of today maths paper.
The maths paper starting only stress me up man.
Somemore still got s.e questions which i damn weak in..
Looks like i'm gonna fail my maths paper 1 but i still hope i can pass.. haha.
After recess, went for MT paper 2.. I damn tired la.
Do the paper half way, my neck feel tired so lied down on the table to
read the passage. Who knows, read half way i dozed off. LOL
But onli slept awhile, woke up i shocked that i dozed off.. So i faster chiong my paper with my tired eyes closing and opening repeatively.
Wanted to finish my paper fast than have a nap but in the end i did not
sleep but drawing on my paper.. haha.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I will be out from blogging till next week
due to my Mid-year exams,
so there will be no post for you all to read.
Sorry for the inconvenience..
I post this until like as if my blog very nice to read. lol

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Acme trip to johor for Friendly match
The trip to johor was so fun and that was the first time i travel oversea with ACME..
On the way to johor, the traffic jam like nobody business like that..
SOOO long.
Reached johor, we stop for breakfast at a coffee shop..
Their chicken rice~~~ Power man.. The chicken meat so hard sia.. Stupid shop. haha
Reach the don't know what stadium for the freindly sparring..
Expecting our opponent to big very big size and strong but it turn out to be the opposite..
Not totally opposite, they are quite strong too..
Dion made some "friends and FANS" over there.
Because we did some stunts over there during our breaktime, Backflips, Frontflips, 540, Running backflips and some international standard frontflips. haha.
They was quite shock that we can do all this stunts which they do not know how to do it..
But some of us especially dion teached them how to do it and they took videos of him. lol sia. Sparring finishes, SHOPPING TIME!!
Went JUSCO to shop..
Bought a malaysia brand "Bodyglove" wallet with dion. Very nice..
Ate pizzas with Sir, Joyce ma'am, Wei zhen ma'am and dion..
So cheap man their pizzahut.. Make pranks of their staffs.. HAHA.

Below Pictures to share with you all
Jun jie eating noodle

Wei zhen and her phone..

Wei zhen and her phone again..
Rui jie and his father

Dion opening the jia jia liang teh

ME! Eating chicken rice


3 gays

Head stand??
Dion and me



Gay partners

Maria of the day


OMG! My jiao bin

Sorry. Last few days didn't update the blog due to busy schedule. I'll be updating the blog soon..