Monday, May 18, 2009

  • English
  • Chinese
  • E-math
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Geography
  • Social Studies
  • Art

Damn shit man! 8 subjects, failed 6. OMG!!! I really have to work hard man.. Only passed chinese and physics but combined science pass. Although my english and social studies that u always hoping to pass failed, i'm not very sad but feeling happy with my improvement in it. Get scolded by my teacher because my chemistry results drop alot which i suppose to be 1 of the top scorer.(not trying to show off) Maths even worst man.. I have made myself damn disappointed man..

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yeah! Exams finally over and its time to have fun. haha.

So went out with Dion, Weimin, Soonliang, Weizhen and Veron to have some fun yesterday..

We tried alot of sunglasses that very suits soonliang but didn't take any pictures.

Then weizhen and veron haven't eat their dinner, so went to a nearby Burger King to have their dinner. Had some fun in Burger King..

Wanted to go a pub Giraffe but we do not have much time because we scared no more train to go home so did not go..

Took mrt home from Plaza Singapura, very luckily we took the last train to city hall or

we won't be able to go home.

Went weizhen's house to overnight with dion and soonliang,

used weizhen's laptop to update dion's blog and watched some videos till 3am than sleep..

Waa.. My eyes damn tired la. haha.

Wake up 8+ and late for taekwondo..

Then todays' training can kill me man but did not..

My leg~~ Like going to break like that la.. haha.

Anyway quite fun. Lazy to blog liao, BYE!

(below pictures to share, sorry only got 3)

WA. i look damn gay

Soon liang scared of hair straighthener.. haha.

Below the video of me using the hair straighthener to scare soon liang.