Saturday, May 30, 2009

FRIDAY!! YEEEAAAHHH!!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!! Damn happy and angry man.. Happy because i had finally finish my canvas painting... After school straight away went to art room to chiong my art work till like 4+.. Then went to find qq, weimin, sl, dixon and jeric at jeric's house.
ANGRY. ALL BECAUSE MY STUPID AND IDIOT TEACHERS! Last day of school liao.. Finally can rest and don't do homework during june holiday.. But stupid teachers all walk in my class with big stack of worksheets for us to do during holiday.. Shit them man. Made me have to finish 6 maths, 5 physics, 2 chemistry, 2 geography and 2 social studies worksheets in 3 weeks.. Somemore in the last week of holiday still have to go back school everyday from monday to friday 0800 - 1700 for intensive maths doing don't know what Pass With Distinction E-maths workbook. Stupid shit. 1 whole week go back school whole day doing maths.. The teachers seem to want us to go crazy like that man.. We are human, not robot.. We will stress 1 lor.. Asshole. Then say what; "its for your own good, if you want to go sec 5 than you have to do it.." Ahhh.. WHATEVER man.. haha. And today! HAHAHA. SO happy.. Finally finish learning 1 whole aerobic. hehe.
Soon liang made dion and me damn disapointed at him on thursday which was his turn for the inter-school taekwondo competition.. He straight away lost to the other JCs taekwondo member after we seen his score for both Brown and Black belt pattern. We were supposed to leave Regent Sec at 5+ but soonliang finishes everything before 12.. And so we had no choice but to go home.. lol. Went TM,CS and T1 to slack for about 5hours man.. So damn boring la.. haha. Went central cc for training after that.. Shitty weimin. haha. Never go training made me take care of malcom for him.. But nevermind.. Having fun with malcom on that day.. HAHA.
Went to watch The Univited on wednesday with Soon liang, Qian qian, Dixon and Xueying at The Cathay before going training. Omg, the movie is nice man and scary too.. But not very scary because soonliang kept holding on to me saying; "tongkhee.. omg. the scary part coming liao..im so scared..." That made me can't even watch a movie peacfully and made me never concentrate on the scary parts.. But frankly speaking, the movie is quite no link man.. Go and watch the movie and you'll know why. haha. After the movie all wanted to go Clark quay but we do not have enough time because have to training.. And and i learnt a aerobic that is so fun but tired.
Last friday my 1st inter-school taekwondo competition, did Green-blue and Blue-brown pattern and won both gold. haha. So happy.. Anyway i got only total of 4 people to compete with thats why i got both gold haha, tyco 1. Don't care if it is tyco or whatever, all i know is that the two gold is my first taekwondo medals.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Whooohoo!! Damn happy man..! haha. Friday, my very first time joining taekwondo competition(National Inter-School Taekwondo Competition). After so much practices.. I got 2 gold for poomsae, getting me medals on tuesday morning assembly. Actually, i got only total of 4 opponent only.. haha, thats why can get it easily(not trying to show off haha). But overall, Springfield did very well in the competition.. Almost our whole spf tkd got atleast 1 medal, good job guys and our teacher is going to celebrate with as in the june holiday, yeah! So happy! Monday going to support dion, jinhui and the rest in sparring, hope they can win.

Today's training is so weird man.. Doing all the demo kicks that require us to spin here and there making us so dizzy.. haha but very fun, it fills us up with full of laughter. Finally i learned a aerobic that i can do well in, haha. Then did some flips practice, my right eye knocked onto the ground and is now swollen.. OMG! Ice-ing my eye, so pain!!