Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wa... Today's training full stretching man.. Kept stretching and stretching. But fun anyway.. Ruijie, Soonliang, Dion and me did a very cool breakfall pattern that Sir showed to us. haha. We did it quite nice but not yet perfect. Then went to hall to do flips. Jeric almost completing his back flip, me too. haha. Dion and Soonliang... They learnt how to do wall flip! man! Dion did on mat at first but went to do it on real concrete wall and he did it. He is like so happy~~ But after awhile he is like forgotten how to do back flip ready.. lol. Then he kept trying till he get back the feel.. LOL. So sian.. BYE!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Haiz.. A tired day. Had fun in today's school taekwondo training. Also had pizza bought from teacher to celebrate our inter-school taekwondo victory, teacher bought 7 pizza man.. haha. Thanks mr lim. Went for 2nd training under Qing Long's sir house with dion, weimin, jeric, dixon, samuel, ruijie and soonliang, i think should be this 7. haha. We learnt some REALLY REALLY ne and good skill for sparring.. It will be an advantage for me if i can master that skill man but it takes time. Tired too.. Opps.. before i say bye.. i would want to share some cute video from youtube with all of you.. haha. BYE!

Baby tektonik?? haha.