Saturday, June 13, 2009

It have been quite a long time for not blogging due to Trainings.
Have alot alot alot of things for me to blog since e last post before i stop for a time being..
Don't wanna blog it all out all because my blog will become like a composition blog.. lol.
There is too much things for me to blog and there is alot of things happened too.
Things that made someone sad, happy, angry, disappointed etc..
Everything has changed damn too much man.
Why can't everything goes smoothly?!?
Damn it man!
Also, why a person have something to say to someone but because the person scared her words will hurt someone and chose not to say it out to someone and choose to say it to somebody else. Then the somebody else will say it to the friend she trust and the friend will tell the person. Rounding a big circle?!?!
It don't make a difference saying it out directly to the someone..
Oppositely, the person is spreading what she wanna say to someone to everyone because of her stupid decision that she chose to say it out to the one she trust and to everyone overtime.
Then emotionally, her decision will make the someone even more sad.
Haiz.. Bye...