Friday, June 26, 2009

Omg!! Found this hot babe that looks like dion on google!! haha. So i'm here to post this interesting picture in my blog. haha


Haha.. Damn slack seh today's morning training. Reach north cc like 8.30am then sir they came late and we all faster rush to act like we are warming up cause we are playing cards before they come.. Bowed them and thought that we are going to run again but not. haha. We went into the aircon room do nothing but just learining/going through some patterns. After that did some jumping front kicks challenge and that all.. So slack. hehe. People who never come is their big mistake. haha. Going to play game then go training liao. BYE!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Ahh.. Damn tired. Today training again went running and again, i cannot run smoothly.. My leg energy damn flat liao la after yesterday Kim siong sir's training. But his training quite fun, only the sparring tactics part very fun, learnt some new tactics very useful that can give our opponent HONG GAN 1. haha. Still have to go through 4 more days of training and thats it. School reopen, less training, can rest more but rest only for physically and not mentally cause have to study... Alot of homework haven't do!! AH!! haha. 1st time go taekwondo training blister tear.. haiz. And, P.A is just two weeks away man.. So fast. Not fighting but doing pattern AGAIN. Gonna join all the pattern competition for this whole year till 2010. Sad, cannot fight cause under belt.. sian. Only can see all my friends fight and give them support, maybe can advise them with "my own TACTICS" haha. jk, like they will take my advise like that.
AND! Finally can work liao! haha. Start working this saturday evening at Marina Square Paris buffet. Lucky soonliang working the same time as me or else i'll be damn boring and don't know what to do.. Need to chiong to airport after work with soonliang to fetch his gf sohyeon coming back to singapore from korea.. haha.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

21st June

Had fun slacking with.. How i wish wish wish i can slack that way everyday with you.
Just alone with you.. But do i have the rights to slack with you everytime alone? Haiz.. I also not your who right.. Nevermind. Forcing love is no happiness. Not blogging liao.. bye!
HAA! haha. Damn tired today but fun.. Training went to run then my leg energy flat sia cannot run. haha. Damn it. After training we played captain's ball lol. The team who lose have to do 60 kicks. hahaha. My team lost in the 1st round then laughed by dion's team...~~ But nevermind.. 2nd round which was the last round, we played hardcore and finally win dion's team with the help of qinglong sir. haha! Then they have to do 60 kicks. Damn funny. Went to soon liang's class bbq with him accompanied by dion, rui jie and dixon.. Dion damn bueh pai seh lor wa lao.. haha. Then nothing to do, we picked up stones and kept throwing them into the sea as far as possible.. and also did some drawings on the sand.. haha. Only can show this 5 pictures.. Got another 4 pictures is private 1, if you wanna see please come n request from me. haha.

Pictures taken at east coast park.

Sl,Rj,dion,dixon and me! was here! haha.

Nice right! So loyal. haha.


WA.. this damn lol.. dixon drew that. haha.