Saturday, July 11, 2009

Haiz.. Today's training quite slack.. Did some warm up and then sparring all the way liao. lol. Dion sparred with melvin and kena kicked on groin again.. haha. Then nidda take over him to spar melvin.. Owned him.. After that sir talk to us about the sparring incident came out in newspaper and about the ACME fund. After all the talk we got nothing to do liao.. Because not involved in Hanmadang, then, went to play ground with dion to train flips.. Finally can do my cart-wheel liao. haha. Dion also learnt how to do cart-wheel without hand.. After learning how to do cart-wheel, i continue to learn and mix something into cart-wheel adn learn how to do cart-wheel and 360 reverse together.. haha. Went for lunch then walk walk around with sir ma'am dion they all for track pants and team bag.. then went home.. sian..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

8th JULY
HAPPY BIRTHDAY toWEIZHEN! Went to have lunch at Seoul Garden with wz, dion, weimin adn ruijie. Variety in Seoul Garden is quite little but still ate till very full.. We ate damn alot of pasta.. Keep eating and eating. haha. Then made myself a ice-kacang, ate a spoon and never eat liao because very awful.. Then decide to make ice-cream and added some chocolate chip ice cream in my root beer. Taste very nice man.. haha. About 6pm, finish eating liao, wz went to the washroom. While she is in the washroom, we got some left over soup and than we poured our leftover Rootbeer, Marinda and Pepsi into the soup and added some lime juice too.. haha. Played 5, 10, 15.. Ruijie and me lost in the 1st two rounds and drank a drip of the soup, straight away we spit it out man.. Which that taste like so like vomit.. haha. Last round, i admit i HAM don't dare play liao.. Then dion say, ah.. noob liao no ball..(something like that). Then they carry on playing and wz came back, i told her, if dion lose ah.. I'm gonna laugh man. haha. In the end, dion lost. HAHAHAHAHA! I laughed out loud.. haha.
Went arcade awhile after that then training.. After training say talk talk to us... bla bla bla bla bla.... Then here come veron holding the Mango Birthday cake to wz and all of us start singing birthday song liao. haha. Hope she enjoyed the birthday celebration.. Then very funny, while they all was eating cake.. Dion and me was dancing Michael Jackson's Beat It dance. haha. So cool la his dance. After everyone had left, Jeric and Soonliang stayed with dion and me to learn how to dance Beat It. lol.

7th JULY

Damn shitty.. A day before WZ's birthday, Dion, jeric, weimin, dixon and me went to buy birthday present for her. At 5+ to 6, jeric and dixon went off for training. Then left onli dion, weimin and me.. We went for dinner, Then, after our dinner... hahahaha! We saw this "WOMAN" that is actually a guy who wear totally like a woman.. "Her" back view looks okay.. But when we sees the front view, we straight away laugh sia. haha.
"She" is the worst AGUA i ever seen man. hahahah!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Went orchard with wz, jeric and soon liang. Went to find wm at his working place than go walk walk at heeren and lucky plaza.. Stayed in HMV for quite a long time to play xbox and ps3 with soonliang. haha. Played NBA live with him, kena thrashed by him for 3 times.. sian. haha. Than play fight night. I knocked out the opponent for more than 6 time in 3 games. haha. Stupid ALI don't how to fight. hehe. After playing, walked out heeren and see rain.. Stood outside heeren for awhile than decided to chiong back to lucky plaza but soonliang scared his hair kena rain because he waxed his hair. haha. No choice, he still ran back to lucky plaza with us. lol. Back to find wm agian and ate there too. We took abt 30minutes to decide what to eat man.. diao.. haha.