Friday, July 17, 2009

Haha.. Today school as usual quite sleepy and bored.. So drew a picture of my house's living room. lol. But today they only thing fun is after school. haha. Damn lol. School finishes 12.35pm and my friends and i went caltex to buy some food and went back to school to slack till 2.30 cause 2.30 is the time we start our study programme(SP). Then while we were bored and have nothing to do, we found a chapteh. We use the tables and chairs in the class to make a small court and we start playing chapteh match. lol. We decided, the team who lose have to do imitate animals like chicken, monkey and dog. haha. Then we played like about 10 matches, i won abt 8 match and don't have to imitate animals. lol. Then dion they imitate dog barking and crawling under tables. HAHA. Damn funny. After that we went SP, then SP finishes, we went back to class and play again, STUPIDLY, dion tried to do 360 on the chapteh, and you know what?!? Haha. His pants torn.. lol. But luckily my friend is wearing a short pants inside his school pants, so he lend it to dion. As my friend is quite skinny, pants will be smaller too, dion put in on and it was SOOO tight.. Then damn disgusting lor.. haha.

A mixture of boat and tank..

I drew this plane! Nice right? haha.
My house!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Haiz.. Sian. Very bored and sleepy in school again.. Fall asleep, wake up, fall asleep and wake up repeatedly.. Then social studies lesson never bring textbook so didn't do any work and took out my foolscape and drew this interior of a house randomly.. Nice right? haha.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Haiz.. Today in school quite sian and sleepy, my eyes kept shutting.. Lessons go on as usual, nothing to do. During Geog class, I made a spec whick is so fake with the left over black board for my art prep work and did some writing on the rest of the left overs.. haha.
After went caltex with dion, jinhui and bennicker to have cup noodle and Old chang kee's chicken wings.. The chicken wing very nice sia. haha.

Went after eating, then taking mrt on the way home i saw this North Light guy, he is damn like a idiot la and he is.. He sat on the seats and scratched his wound till bleed and his fingers is stained with his blood. He took his fingers and smell it man.. Gross. After smelling his own blood, he digged his nose.. Then, as the seats he is sitting on have no people sitting on it. He looked around and lied down on the seats, not even a second he sit straight again, then look around, lie down and sit up again.. Wa lao ehh. This North Light guy is relly damn stupid lor..

Happy Sweet 16 Birthday to DION TAN ZHANG SHENG. Haha. Weizhen, Weimin, Ruijie, Jeric and me went to dion's house to celebrate birthday with him at night. Switched off the lights and sang him birthday song. haha. After singing birthday song, we poked a candle deep into the cake and let him pull out the candle only with his mouth. hehe. He pulled out half way then weizhen go push his head and his nose kena some golden powder thingy that is on the cake. haha. Ate the cake and in a sudden, forgotten who is the one who smash the left over cake on his face. lol. Then all helped him to put "some" make up with chocolate cake facial cream. haha. Starting it was okay, just a little bit. In the end, he sat there for all of us to put the cake on his face.. It was really all over his face except for some small little portion.. lol. Next day go school, recess time. The bell rang only, dion straight away tried to run out of class to prevent himself from being bashed. But because i sit in the first row first table which is the nearest to the front door.. He couldn't make his escape. haha. As for back door, there was like 2 of my friends guarding it haha.. But after awhile, he get to run away. So i chased him, almost get him but never because he keep turning around corners.. But in the end still kena caught by us as my friend ran the other way then he very stupidly ran that side. haha. Kept him in class as if he is a prisoner sia.. haha. Waiting for other friends to come bash him up. hehe. Just 5 minutes before recess finishes, we make him go to a corner of our class and sang him a birthday song. haha. Just only A WORD left for us to sing, i straight 1 punch go to him. haha. Then the rest together bash liao.. haha.

(All the photos taken in his birthday)


Went dinner at LJS with Dion, Weimin, Soonliang, Weizhen, Ruijie and jeric. After eating went to shop around T1.. Walk walk around talk talk.. Then all stone outside a CD shop watching M.C's video while WZ went to buy dion's birthday cake secretly.. haha. Went to Dion's house to celebrate his birthday in advance of 1 day which there should be quite alot people have no time to celebrate for him in the actual day.. haha.