Friday, September 4, 2009

So damn fast la~
Its just 3 days from "N" level examinations.
Really hope i can do well for the exams.
Also wish my fellow 4D classmates GOOD LUCK for "N".
Hope to see all of them next year.
Even quite a lot of them choose to go ITE.
LOL. I say until like i can go sec 5 like that~~ haha.
Got my result slip today in class.
Wa.. Got 23 points sia. So much..
Hope can drop my grades by 1 for every subjects so can get below 19 points.
Sigh. 24 September, graduation day.
Last day 4D will be together? Maybe.
Wanna see if there is anyone gonna cry. Haha. 
Especially the teachers, look at their expressions. 
Haha. Gonna make me laugh man.
Hmm.. gotta go to study liao.
Oh. And the moon today is round and big. Haha
Sign off here.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Time really flies sia.
So fast its september liao.
Just 3 more months to end of 2009.
And "N" level exam its just next week.
But its only 3 days then 1 to 2 weeks holiday.
Have to study intensively liao in the hoilday.
Gonna ask my out friends out to study with me everyday.
Hope i can pass all my subjects flying colours.
Eh, it should be just running colours. HAHA.
Cause i know i won't pass with high grades but just hope for.
Aiming a B4 for english,
         B3 for e-maths,
         B4 for chinese,
     A2 for art,
         B3 for science.
Really hope time can stop.
And continue all the fun i had in this year.
Next year will be the year that my class will scatter.
Being juvenile is a way to be happy. Haha.
I'm in addiction of Maximum Tune ! LOL
Haha. Bennicker is a noob.
740HP lose to my 660HP Mitsubishi Evo. ^^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One day holiday today, went to study with darren and companies at airport.
Supposed to meet at 11am but, after i reached there were no one over there... lol.
And i sat there like for about an hour waiting for them.. Diao.
But never blame them anyway, having fun playing mahjong in my psp while waiting for them. Haha.
Then, Jane reached follow by darren, welson and serkit.
Studied at a corner which is just right opposite the spot we studied yesterday.
Today all very guai studying..
Then sees daniel, aizat they all and they joined us for awhile and "bob" was like so diao.
Why are they joining us?!?
They left after mc and stephen came back from eating and we continued studying quietly.
We were like so bo liao la..
Left our things where we study and walk away to far far opposite and sees if there is anybody will take our things.. haha.
Then serkit says, like that if want find dai ji damn easy sia. lol.
See awhile then go back liao. Sat on the trolley and darren pushed me back so fast la and make me feels so cold..
The cold wind just blew onto my body..
Luckily i was wearing a jacket. haha.
Bored and talked about maximum tune, and serkit hands became itchy.. Wants to drive max tune.
Then we drew all the maximum tune thingy on foolscap paper. lol.
But most idiot one is when we changes our study spot to Mac.
Stupo manager chase us out for studying.
F**K you la. HAHA.
Ahh!! Have to study, study, study, STUDY !!~~

Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Teacher's Day !!
To: MDM Citi Zubaidah Arshad (Form and EL teacher)
    Mrs Yoong, Jenny Goh Jia Yi (Assistant Form and SS teacher)
    MDM Xiong Xiao Dong (MT teacher)
    Mrs Suvian Lee (Phy teacher)
    Miss Tay Wee Beng (Chem teacher)
    Mrs Gomez (SS teacher)
    MDM Evelyn Ho (Geog teacher)
    Miss Catherine Ng Si Yun (Maths teacher)
    Mr Wong Ting Hsin (P.E teacher)

Thanks for teaching us all these year. Being so tolerating for the attitude we have gave you all the while. Didn't mean to be hate all of you because you all scolded us and nagged at us, we know its for our own good. Haha. Spent quite much time with my happy classmates to decorate the classroom to show teacher how "thoughtful" we are.. LOL. Made nice arrangements, nice decoration on the teacher's table. HAHA.

Just minutes before teacher comes to class
WOW! What nice cup cakes is that? haha
Whoo! Teacher blowing the candles that form Zubaidah & Jenny
Finishing blowing up the candles
OH! What a nice card the class have made for them
Ale~mah. Big boss. haha. Dai sai.
Emo~~~ lol joking.
Wa.. Anti-social. haha jk.
Chey~ Handsome maths pro.
Haha. Prisoner. lol

Hardly get myself to forget you, but today, ameline pass me the box and says you ask her to pass it to me. And that remind me of everything again. Didin't i ask you to throw it away?.. Not that i wanna blame you, its just that the box really reminds me of everything.. Sigh nevermind, forget it.
Its all my own's fault that cause myself to misery.
Shouldn't have bought the thing.
Shouldn't have gave you the thing.
Shouldn't had to be with you.
Shouldn't like you.
Should have taken advise.
Should have believe to.. and to the anlysis.
What a wrong choice i have made.
Stupid me.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I do think its time for me to let you go off my mind and start a new life. Starting from knowing you as a stranger.. The burden is too heavy and i really have to let it go, i do not want to waste my time hoping and hoping and there is no outcome unless someone says there is. Haiz. Finally i give myself a chance to ease my mind, feels so relax as if i'm lying on a very big patch of field with nothing but just grass looking up in the blue sky. Pheww.. Mind is blank now but, i'm still confused with my feelings and trying to settle it. So better don't come and ask me this and that, why la, what la.. I doubt i'm gonna answer you. Unless you're mine S.k.
What's wrong with me today man? My eyes is freaking my mind out...
Promised myself not to look at her anymore to able my myself to forget her totally.
But today went to Yishun sport hall to support my friends for participating the Nationals Taekwondo Competition, i have been glancing at her often.
Got myself to look away but glanced at her again after awhile.. ARGH.
Somebody help me please, find me a way to forget her. 
Don't even know if she is looking at me too as i know it is impossible. 
I"m just being too naived. 
Childish me.
Go and die man me..