Saturday, September 19, 2009

Damn **** up.
Both my left and right leg's instep is swollen and pain la..
Pain like shit, training still have to kick hard. sigh.
But, other than that.
I over here apologise to Jeric, Rui jie and Wei zhen.
Injured you three. Not in purpose man.
Especially Jeric, really sorry man.
My jumping back thrust hit your neck is really accidentally one.
I feel so guilty la. LOL
Today Coco's birthday, a very happy birthday to her.
When to celebrate for her at joyce ma'am house.
Then having fun playing basketball and etc with jeric they all and the small kids.
Really had great fun.
But awaits for monday, Sentosa! haha.
Need to save money like crazy ready.
Preparing for the taekwondo china trip.
But i doubt there will be enough time for me to save.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I really wondering what kind of person am i really is?
Can somebody just tell me?
Or just being hated by everyone?
I can just live without any friends.
Cause no one cares about me.
Some people just think that i'm just too irrtating.
Always being criticised because people sided another person.
I can be described by just one word, Loner.
Hate people who say i act emo.
I had always wants to beat up these people who said i act emo.
Cause they do not know the feeling when u being called act emo when you are really down.
Fuck this people and go to hell man.
I really hates people who talk without actions.
They can just TALK so big infront of you but no results came out.
You make fun of your friend.
you: "wa lao, ur maths so noob ah"
Person: "u think u very smart meh? u pass these but english fail also stay back."
Act as if his english is so good, that loves to speak like caucasians as he think he is one.
People pronounce IKEA as,"e-ki-ya."
But he pronounce it as,"e-ki-yea."
People pronounce ANTI as,"an-ti."
He pronounce it as,"an-tie."
Stupid isn't it?
Making people to hate him just because he act english pro but in the fact he is not.
But in the end, fail for english and just sat there so quietly alone, not even a letter came out from his mouth.
As it said, "Action speaks louder than words."
Also hate people who use rolling eyes to look down on people.
Asshole people.
In the end, they always being surprised by the person they look down on that they became stronger or smarter than them.
Because the people being looked down knows they will not have any good outcome.
So they work doubly hard to achieve what they themselves want.
And look down back onto the person who had look down on him.
So better don't look down on people.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Whoohoo !
Yesterday during the ACME dinner was damn fun seriously.
But somehow the dinner is boring because of the number of people who went.
But, nevermind its fun anyway.
Said the MPs will arrive at 7pm but they made us waited for them for about half an hour with our stomach empty and hungry.. Grrr.
Demostrated for the MPs.
Then they went off le.
And here comes our fun. HEHE.
The host was funny and joker la. lol.
Say stupid and do funny stuffs.
That made us so high as if we ate ecstacy like that. Diao.
After the dinner which end about 9.30.
We all having fun again playing with BALLOONS.
We took all the balloons and place them one by one by the chair for jun jie to sit on it and burst it.
HAHA. Eventually he burst all the balloons and he say its fun. :D
Went Starbucks with the rest to have some drinks and sat there chatting till about 11.50 and went home.
Sigh sian.
Tomorrow got school. Somemore Wednesday Maths paper 2 liao.