Friday, September 25, 2009

Today was the 4N/4E/5N Graduation Day~
It sucks man..
Sitting down all together and even with so many fans in the hall, its still so stuffy.
So damn hot la, make me to sticky..
Sit there for about 2 hours listening to their speeches.
But the ceremony only have one thing that maybe make us happy is the video.
They showed weikiat's sec one face. haha.
But they also showed other people's faces too. Funny la~
The teachers also idiot lo.
Go post people's sec one ugly faces.
Damn embarrassing sia.
Seeing everyone so happy, no more school.
But still have to go back school for extra lesson.
So holiday=no holiday.
And surprisingly, today is the first time i took so much pictures. LOL.
I swear its true. HAHA.
But that stupid tara haven't finish sending all the 300+ pictures we took to me.
So unable to share the pictures.
Have to wait for a few more days.
Be patient and wait huh~ Haha.
K gonna slp nw, BYE!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Damn. I like the sky effect man~ lol.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Had fun with acme in sentosa today.
Went in the morning 8+. LOL.
Thats early huh? haha.
Reached there, joyce ma'am and sir already there liao.
So we all quickly settle down and took off our clothes and start chasing weimin and dixon for their birthday bash.
Stop after awhile and continue with our volley ball and soccer.
Then, i start playing with sand with dixon and junjie.
So i bo liao and start making a 3D ACME and photo was taken but not with me, with veron.
Make finish liao and we just play around with water,
Sohyeon and eunjin went to catch fish.. diao.
But caught none. lol.
All sian liao.
So, we start doing flips la.
Backflips, frontflips, street garnier, 720, 540 and cart wheel without hand.
Then, just for awhile onli.
All started making some sand bomb and threw on each other.
They even run, chase and throw.. 
I think there will be atleast some people looking.
I did not play but sat down on the beach with dixon and junjie making some small size sand castle. haha.
But same, after awhile.
I get bored, and start making some sand bomb secretly.
I made about 20+ sand bomb and the thing is, they never even noticed me doing it.
I made about 14 small sand bomb and 6+ big ones.
Then there it goes, i start the war again after they stop. haha.
But during the sand bomb war, i had some small fight with ruijie but solved after awhile.
Went to bathe at 1.30pm i think.
And all went off to vivo city's Banquet for lunch or maybe dinner?
Then all went to soonliang's house to have some more fun. lol.
We play guitar hero's drum.
And they kept themselves in soonliang's room to watch some don't know what video and kept laughing..
Since nobody is playing PS3, so junjie and me stayed in the living room and play lo.
We go play the game named, Ninja Gaidens.
WA!! Fun is all i can say. haha.
The game damn bloody and cool.
Junjie and me play like siao ding tong like that~~
Then we two some kind of crazy about the game..
Like how they kill. ~~
Played till about 8pm and all went home.
Really had great fun today but consequences faced.
Consequences = Sun-burn!
My back burnt like BBQ man. Damn pain and hot.
Sigh. Nevermind.
Don't want to continue anymore, or else i can write out an essay la.. haha.
Should just show who went to sentosa.
Me, Weimin, Dixon, Dion, Ruijie, Junjie, Weizhen, Tingting, Jeric, Samuel, Sohyeon, Eunjin, Yongle, Soonliang, Veron, Joyce ma'am and Chenghui Sir and also joyce ma'am's dog, crystal(don't know if it is spelled like that).

BBQ human. lol. (not very clear)