Saturday, October 24, 2009

Now then i realised that i made all the wrong choices in my life
which made myself like a fool waiting.
I starts to hate my life liao..
I decided to put down things that i should put.
Which may bring me to have a brighter life. Haha.
Things are really making me confused..
I think there is something wrong with me.. LOL.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm enough with all this shit man.
Why can't people be more understanding?
Do you think only you who have financial problems?
Come on.
I'm not any rich people like you all la.
Ask me go jiu go, ask me jiu pay jiu pay.
I don't print money please..
I don't earn a thousand plus.
I'm not people who can just take out money out like water.
I'm saving for other things too which is more important than that.
And i'm a person who do not like to borrow money.
So stop asking me to borrow from other people first.
I know myself how long i take to pay back the person.
And don't tell me "you can take your time to pay back one what.."
People have their own likes and dislikes.
And borrowing money from people is under my dislike.
Also don't tell me "dhen you go borrow from ur parents la."
Let me tell you, i owe my mother 500+ already.
And its impossible for me to borrow anymore money from her.
So, stop showing me your attitude.
Just a ****** also want to fight.
Its my problem la, if i don't want to go.
My problem=$$
AND, please talk and scold with senses and reasons.
Damn tired this few days~
Working after training, training after working.
No choices for me to choose either.
Gotta work, so to earn for my malacca trip.
No work = no $$.
No $$ = no malacca.
My cash flow is really damn tight now.
How i hope money fall from sky la. haha.
Really gotta cogitate before i buy what i want.
My life is getting more exhausting but quite fun thou.
I'm stressed by everything~
Strains of white hair popping out everywhere on my head. lol.
I do not want this kind of life man.
Take me away please..
All i want is just a simple life.
Get what i want to get is just enough for me.