Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just now during tkd training, we was going through the demostration.
Sir asked me to try fourplets kick and accidentally i kicked qq's back. Really sorry about that.
Then, out of the blue sir asked me to do backflip.. O.O
An item for me to do :D
I was very happy but shocked..
Cause i just completed my backflip like not long ago and its not constant yet..
So its quite hard for me to actually do a backflip and break the plank.
So i tried it out, and i did it in a hurry cause hadly back can't take so much weight as he is carrying another person.
So i hurrily did one backflip, i landed..
But landed like as if a big stone was dropped from a 10 story building. LOL
And my right toe hit the ground and it goes swollen..
But not very obvious..

Friday, November 13, 2009


This stupid donkey,Tongkhee, has no freaking time to update his blog cause of tkd etcetc.Ahhh,lousy-SA noob.Hahaha..So,i'm here to blog..(Kay,i don't know what to type now.) So anyway,Sentosa was fun!and watched MJ's This is it(for the 2nd time) - awesomeee.HARHAR.At least better than "Capitalism-A love story" i mean,what kind of love story is that?!Not even a love story i think!A stupid documentary of some economy stuff i don't really give a, about...haha.And wanted to watch "imagine that" - but it was already one hour from when the show started...no point right?Hahahaha.And many people were reluctant to watch Mj.But it wasn't THAT BAD afterall...right AMELINE?!haha!(stop sneezing la!) Okay okay,must be wondering why i'm posting right?Cause i'm bored!!And wanted to update cause everytime seeing his "Yeah~going to sentosa" post is driving me up the wall.Your blog so boring siaaaa-and i actually figured out his pw!Haha,noob.And not because i'm his girlfriend or mrs kuah or what okay!(STOP IT DION,RIDUAN,WK,etcetc.)KAY I'LL END HERE HAHA KTHXBYEEEE!

ps.I'm not mrs kuah!!*slap ni men de lian* <--wah chinese.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tomorrow going to sentosa! haha.
Can't make it for training tomorrow because of my father..
He don't allow me everyday go training liao..
Everytime morning go out so late come back..
So he don't allow me everyday go liao.
That is why i can go sentosa tomorrow. haha.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friendship is priceless.
Hope everything is alright.