Saturday, December 19, 2009

I got 14 points for my EMB3.
So glad that i can actually apply for sec 5. :D
Gonna promise that i will study more harder than i do this year and will read more books and
newpapers to improve my english.
Need to work hard on science too.
Didn't get what i expected.. >.<
But the rest does. HAHA.
So happy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

After watching russell peter's video about italians.
I do find italian is so cool to speak. HAHA.
Its just sound cool you know.
Italiana e cosi cool.
Bambino, mi manchi.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Overall, this trip can still be said was fun~
But only the last night and last morning was the most fun day ever. HAHA.
People who are with me the last night and last morning should know how fun it was.


Wa.. all playing psp. lol.

My room! Look at the refrigerator besides dion.
Its was actually in the cabinet under the television but we took it out for convenience. haha.

Somewhere near night market..

On our 2km walk to night market.

YEAH! The night market! haha.

AISEH~ Champion lei.. lol.

WOW. This is fun. haha.

OMG! Dion's naked. LOL. k he is wearing a pants.

OK~ This is the worst bus driver ever in earth, let me tell you guys.
He is paid more than half a thousand a day just to drive us.
But, he only drive us to the stadium and back to hotel..
He is asked to drive us to buy food but he said "you who got car drive go buy lo".
Then, we finished our competition and called him at 4.45 to fetch us back to hotel.
He says he will reach the stadium in an hour.
But one and a half hour later, he is still not there at the stadium to fetch us.
SO, we called him again.
He says he will reach in 10minutes but he is late by 1minute.
He made us waited for 1 hour and 41minute?!
Made us lying on hard ground sleeping and waiting for him.
F your mother la stupid bus driver.
This dumbo's coming back today!hiphip hooray!!Oh and,
RESULTS IN 4 DAYS.*screams* I'll miss you all man.