Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wish everyone a very
and a
Hope all the wishes you people accumulated this year may come true.
As 2009 is going to end very soon, we have to prepare ourself for a new start.
And from what i know, year 2009 is a very happy year for me.
Had all the fun with classmates and taekwondo friends and whoever who knows me.
Learned alot alot of things this year.
To acheive something you want, is all up to the hardwork and effort you had put in.
So, for me, i do think my hardwork did pay off.
Year 2010 maybe would be a better year for us.
With a better person, better attitude, better behaviour and a better results we may come out with.
And hope people could be more optimistic.
Don't fight or quarrel over little things.
Should always learn how to give in and forgive.
And things could be much more better than you expect.
So lets work hard together and walk down this road together too.
To all my friends,
You'll never walk alone.
LOL! Liverpool's motto.

(i don't know what the hell i'm talking about)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Am i a loser or what?
I'm now worrying for my english next year. LOL!
Can any kindsoul help or tuitor my english?
Time is really passing by so slow for me this few days.
The holidays and boredom are really killing me!
I want to go out and play! But i'm lazy..
Feeling lethargic too..
Do not know why~
Slept more than 8 to 9 hours for almost a week but still feels tired and indolent.
Think only school can makes me more active. LOL.
Sigh. BORED!!
Let us countdown guys, 12 more day to school reopen again. ^^

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Its just 2 more weeks till school reopens again.
Yeah! LOL.
Can't wait la..
Gotta buy new school uniform liao, old ones doesn't fit on me anymore.
Holiday gives me no life..
I get f-ing bored at home man..
7 more days~
Mi manca un sacco un bambino molto.