Saturday, November 13, 2010

After all the school, homework, reading, practicing and stress.
O level is over!
Enjoy is all i can think of now. HAHA.
Play play play and play.
However, i miss school and lesson once our last ends. lol.
All the fun i had in school with friends for 5 years, so memorable.
Hope still can meet up at times.
Had seoul garden with my friends yesterday was so fun. haha.
If those fun can carry on, that would be best. hehe.
Next fun will be all on town, town, town, korea, www and the cage. HAHA!
With friends again! :D
While the fun carry on, result still be the issue what we'll be worrying about. lol.
But, FUN FIRST! haha.
Then, need to work for extra ALLOWANCE.
And, SHOP!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Attitude is the main value everyone sees in each other, that's the most important impression we have to give. Wrong attitude = everything wrong.
Using excuses to cover up your own attitude preventing people from knowing the true you is useless. Because, time is our formula to solve our question of what kind of attitude do this person really have.
So, if you know you have attitude problem, look at the mirror, think over and over again.
Till you really knows what actually went wrong in you and which part of your attitude went wrong.
Last of all, change for a better self.
(Just a random thoughts that ran across my mind.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hate my life.
That's it, deep inside my heart and mind.
My life sucks with the kind of parents i have..
Need not to ask, because i won't tell.
It's better to keep it to myself..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Alright altright..
I am now suppose to be at home sleeping and playing computer.
But, the deadline of passing up my preparatory work is just around the corner.
So have to crawl up from my bed and head myself to school to rush my art.. :/
Not that bad though.
Mr siva left the door of the digital art room opened, so i am now blogging. haha.
Waiting for Serkit to come school and make our way to caltex to buy some food. lol.
Prelim is a killer man..
Glad that subjects that need full of memory to memorise like goeg and ss are over!
English and Chinese was so so..
Maths was rather easy to me though except for some question require lots of my brain juice. Lol.
And, chemistry....
I am so confident that i am going to fail, my result for chemistry sure gonna drop like bomb man..
Nevermind, now need to concentrate more on my physics to pull up my result.
Left with onli all the paper 2.
Aiming B3 and some A2 for all the subjects.
Next saturday............
Nationals le, i am gonna die man..
Didin't go for quite a number of training because of exams.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am so delighted that i am going to korea during the year which is just 6 days after my last paper for O's.
:D :D
And staying there for two weeks long.
First week will be with my school's tkd members and teachers.
Mostly all tour and just one day of training.
Then, my school's tkd people will fly back to singapore.
And.. Dion and me will continue to stay there to await ACME to arrive. hehe.
For this last week, all training with koreans!
It will be tiring i think.. but it will be fun too!
Really can't wait till O's finishes and head to korea for trainings and shopping. HAHA.
But, the first and only important thing i need to do now is not to get distracted by the korea trip. lol.
If not i'll be daydreaming the whole day about korea and not studying..
Need to study hard for coming prelims and O's..
Also not to forget, need to train hard too for Nationals.
But i can't really perform well during training...
Feeling so lethargic this few days..
My legs became wobbly straight after a few kicks only..
Easy tiring and etc..
I really need more sleep to recuperate man.. DAMN!
k~ That's it for now..
Tomorrow got training in the morning and demo for yog open in the evening. :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National day :)

I am gonna like say what happen today step by step. lol
It's National day as everyone knows.
Staying at home would be a boredom for us.
So, met up with Michelle, Samuel and Soonliang.
Went to Dhouby gaut, saw some futsal game going.
So, samuel, soonliang and me stood at side to watch them play.
And, omg, they are like so noob man. haha. bhb.
Then, walked to orchard to find buffet but there do not any..
Went in to Toy r rus and, i found three super heros! haha.
I found two megatron and an iron man!~
Took a photo of them though. (above) LOL.
After that took bus 7 to bugis to have buffet at 天天火鍋.
I forgotten who the hell who told us it closed down but it is still there.. -.-
We were like all the way just eating only crabmeats, fish and chicken wings. rofl.
Eat and talk, talk and eat.
In the talk, the funny part is, the ANG MOH SAI. lol.
Alright, i think nobody knows what the hell i talking about except those who were there. haha.
Finished our buffet, and home sweet home. :D
Great way to spend our day happily during national day. hehe.
Even if it is just four person, it is still fun.
Sorry if i didn't jio the rest to go out.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great, it's gonna be a long weekend for everyone. :D
As monday is Singapore's 45th independence day and tuesday will be another holiday given by school.
No idea on what i can actually do for this coming long weekend..
Didn't expect today's National day celebration in school was so hyper! haha.
That's really the first time over the five years in springfield i had seen springfield so hyper.
All the sec 4s and 5s were like waving their hand up high from the left to right and from the right to the left.
Few minutes later, sec 5s stood up and danced. LOL
Running and jumping around.
We even threw Serkit up. hahha.
Then, all ran up to stage to sing along. Damn funny.
We were all pushing around at the stage and one of the spf female teacher came and shouted:
This little celebration, brought us all the sweat and joy together. haha.

Anyway, this sunday gonna have a friendly match with two tkd clubs.
Go gain some experience before my first Nationals sparring competition.
And i also need to learn more technics or tactics that is constructive for my sparring.
Gotta train consistently.
Needa brainstorm on how to consolidate the foot works with the different variety of kicks.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am so in deep shit..
Prelims are just around the corner and i haven't yet studied for my exam.
Maths teacher just gave us too many worksheets to do till i am now only interested to do maths homework.
Need to start studying now le but i'm to study..
I'm really tired in both physically and mentally.
But have to stay strong.. lol.
Encouragements from you helps me. :)
I need to go out and study...
Anyone interested to join me??
And, now i know one thing.
We, as a teenager, our parents don.t know what we actually feels and think.
They just kept thinking they are adults and they know what is right and what is wrong.
Can't they realise now everything is modern?
They're just still living in their damn ass 60s 70s tradition.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Everyone in school is amazed by a swarm of flying bees.
It was so sudden that we say something flying outside our class and then realised it was bees. haha.
Immediately, every single window and door were shut by Ashraf. LOL.
After awhile the bees settled down on the bark of the tree shown above.
Because of these bee, announcement of no recess was made that scares my class. rofl.
The pest exterminator then came to spray something on the bees and the bees is dispersed. 
Was hoping them to burn them or putting smoke la.. LOL

Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomorrow is my O level listening comprehendsion le.
Gotta dig my ear! lol.
Need to be super focus tomorrow.. Listening comprehendsion is my, can say weakest sub le.
Have to make it my best shot for tomorrow.
After listening comprehendsion, soon it will be prelims science practical exam.
Followed by O level English oral and straight a day after oral, prelim starts. :(
Really have to score for this coming exams la..
If not die is all i can say..
Put studies aside. haha.
Played pool with jeric, nicholas and etc for quite a numbers of time over the last few weeks.
It is fun playing with them.
Day by day, skills improved.
And they start to challenge a match by buying a drink, plate of maggie or sugar peanuts. LOL
Fortunately, i had won nicholas 2 drinks which then changed to a plate of maggie.
Won jeric a packet of sugar peanut. 
Now i only left with QingLong sir to beat.
He is still the current top "pro" player among us. 
Followed by me? haha. But yeah, i'm really placed second under QL sir. hahaha.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tonight's dinner at Sakura with other STF members who demonstrated in D&D was great and fun.
But, after the dinner we went to arcade even more fun! HAHA.
Soonliang and Jeric went to check on the bowling alley whether it is full.
Full, so went to check on billard.
Billiard also full.
So no choice we went into the arcade to have some fun. LOL
Went in, first extreme lame and impossible we boys will do was to take NEOPRINTS! ROFL.
11 of us found a big neoprints machine and went in.
Stood in our own positions and SHHEE CHHIK! haha.
And, we took 8 shots.
Then we move on to play Maximum tune, Daytona, Initial D and Kaijun played his mario racing. lol.
So damn fun. :D
All took Nicholas's van home after all activities.
Sorry guys, my scanner got some problems, couldn't scan the neoprints.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Training today was rather fun.
Practice through all the shifting and etc.
After that, on sit down one circle sparring.
Comments i get from my seniors that my turning during sparring is like terribly bad.. sigh.
My hip is stiff and i'm like really trying le..
Nevermind, there is still some little time for me.
Not to waste them but use them to practice my turning kick during sparring. FTW
I'll keep on trying.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to that someone but not anyone. haha (:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy week gonna end soon le.
Can finally have more time to do my work le..
No more fooling around.
Tomorrow's my prelim english oral and next tuesday, O' level Mother Tongue oral.
Hope it doesn't get too hard for me. haha.
Saturday night needa attend a dinner with Ntc, Poomsae squad and also the DEMO team!
And this will be my fourth time going to dine at Sakura, lol.
Hope this time will not make me feel bored of their same varieties of food. haha.
Busy saturday and i couldn't make myself free on that night to... ya.
But, i'm going to... haha.
Sunday grading liao but not me though.
Good luck to anyone who is taking grading on sunday to get a double. hehe.
After grading gonna go buy my pants with friends. (:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This two sneaker have been attracting me all along.. lol.
So gonna get one pair in august i think. haha.

School work are getting more and more, it's piling up everyday but i'm too lazy to finish any.
But soon, i will finish all of it.
Need some time to manage my time well first.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Have fun and enjoy yourself (:
voy a echar de menos usted muchacha

Sunday, June 27, 2010

School is reopening tomorrow le but i am still so lethargic.
How to study like this?! lol.
I am so gonna save till end year and go shop like heaven. haha.
The clothes are calling me~
But i'm going to save and buy a high cut shoe with jeric first in august i think? haha.
Shop shop shop. Argh~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I wonder anyone of my friends remember this guy. haha
Few weeks back, starting of june holiday when we nidda go back school for extra classes.
During the break time, we went out of school to a coffee shop behind our school ad have lunch.
And, saw this guy who thinks his fringe long = nice. LOL
It's like so ugly can~ hahaha.

Anyway, today had Sakura buffet lunch at E!Hub with Ql sir, Soonliand, Jeric, Leona, Ruijie, Junjie and Nicholas.
Had a lot of fun eating with them. haha.
Went to had bowling after that, we even had more fun. lol.
Splited into two groups competiting each other. haha.
All kena thrashed by me. :)
Tyco me had strike/spare spree today.
Score of 100+ at my 4th or 5th throw already.
AND, i'm not showing off~
I'm just really lucky nia. haha. (:
Took nicholas's car to tampines safra for a snooker game.
Snooker is really damn hard to play..
Table so big and long.. lol.
Being pranked by Ql sir..
Take my sim card.. walao. Forcer sia. LOL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watched Toy Story 3(3D) just now.
With Soonliang, Dixon, Samuel, Jeric, Leona, Kaijun and Yongle.
The movie was awesome, nice, funny, touching and sad too.
But overall, it's funny. haha.
Buzz lightyear in spanish, never see before huh? LOL.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Melodramatic people, propaganda and attitude problems.
Can't stand any of these.
Gonna extend my limits for good purposes.
GL me all you want and i can just pretend you are being an idiot at the side talking to yourself.
I can stare at you all day GL-ing me with my mind blank thinking of nothing that is going to burst my limits.
People born with eyes is to see, neither they are blind.
Their eyes see everything, what is happening and uses their brain to analyse which is right and which is wrong.
Not only do we see and think, we uses our resourcefulness to get sufficient information that can 
actually send you to hell even though everything looks like so fine and you gonna win.
Go and wash your brain of what you're doing and thinking.
Wrong + Wrong = WRONG.
Choose the right route.
I still take you as a friend, i wish you take the advise.
It's your CHOICE.

This is not a post to offend anyone. It is advise post.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice game with jeric. Haha. :D
Owned him in all three matches but i neglected my throne and he win me for the first two matches.. LOL.
But manage to win him in the last match. haha.
I'm not showing off jeric, you still got big space of improvement. :)
Hectic schedule for this and next week.
Anyway this week ending soon..
Left one more week of holiday for me to complete all my homework that i haven't done yet.
No idea whether if i can finish all of it in time with the maths camp taking away two days of my last week.
I need to lenghthen the holiday for my homework!
Two whole day of maths is so gonna make me afraid of numbers. lol.
Have friend that recently had a metamorphosis.
Which in, quite a negative way?
Nevermind, not gonna care anymore anyway.
Mishap happened again last week and it's really a mishap.
Just a little bit of breakdance movements and.. ya.
Really hope Veron ma'am recover fast and train with us again.
Drink more milk Veron ma'am. haha (:
Acme, let's all encourage each other not to give up for this one last day before saturday's big demo.
Let's do this perfectly without spotting any little mistakes. Jiayou! :D
After holiday need to mug again at airport le.
No more joke, fun and games anymore.
O's is really getting nearer and nearer.
Same goes to Nationals sparring competition, it's just in september. Very soon.
Need to work doubly hard for both studies and taekwondo.
Jiayou for myself! O.o

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Really have to thanks everybody who either wished, celebrated or both with me.
I really really do appreciates it alot.
And loves the presents you all gave me, it's really cute and cool. haha.
The worst birthday "slaps" ever.. LOL.
Get slapped by quite alot of tkd friends on my body. It's really painful guys.. haha.
Did enjoy it. Thanks.
Would love the wishes that i get on 11/06, 12.00am on the dot.
Also, Wishes Ameline and Jeric Happy Birthday which amelines' is a day after me and jerics' two days after me. (:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My blood is boiling up.
This few days quite a lot of thing going round.
Not mentioning it.
Training at Geylang NTC this 4days i think? Quite/very fun. haha.
Doing alot of different stuff.
Manage to complete new thing on the first day but, next few days having body ache
and can't do much.
So, new thing i learned getting worse..
Needa give myself more confidence in doing it.
Train more..


Friday, May 21, 2010

Randomly picked a picture and posted it. Lol.
Some people who don't who is standing beside me~
I'm so honoured to be standing beside a SeaGames ranked 66th. haha.
Take photo somemore. hehe. :D
Schedule will be hectic for this week and next month.
National poomsae just this saturday and sunday.
Hopefully i can win a medal home. haha.
And good luck to others who participated in this coming National poomsae.
Next whole week we're having consecutively 6 periods of MT lessons. OMG.
By the end of this intensive chinese lessons, everyone will be so intimidated by chinese characters. haha.
Not even dare to watch chinese drama.(dots.. not funny at all.. lol)
3 weeks of normal school days for sec 5s in the june holiday..
Freaking tired sia..

Monday, May 17, 2010

(Previous sakura pic above, because today no picture of table full of plates. LOL)

Today's Sakura Buffet was sumptuous.
Ate till damn full.
Full but not as much as the last time we went, we only ate like 4 to 5 plates each person today.
Also, not as fun as last time.
Lesser friends came but got 2 new friend joined, Martin and Gina. Haha.
Went the last floor of E!Hub to slack and chat there for about more than 1 hour.
Saw some springfielders and vera went for Kbox. lol.
Make our way to Soonliang's house to play ps3.
I think soonliang is very happy that he finally unlocked kaijun's iphone and kaijun is very happy that his iphone is unlocked. HAHA.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The weather in singapore is getting hotter and hotter day by day.
The heat is making me sweat every single minute no matter how calm i am. lol.
Singapore snow la please.. haha.
Anyway looks like today i'm gonna starve myself till tomorrow.
Because tomorrow going sakura! haha.
Going to watch my monster friends being unleash for the food. HAHA.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy, tomorrow mid year exam will be totally over. :)
Have some fun and pamper myself with some food. lol.
Then, end of may here comes the O's mother tongue paper. :(
The sec 5s are going to have a very fun "JUNE HOLIDAY."
3 weeks school and 1week rest, holiday? No choice either. sigh.
Instab still feels a little sharp pain but recovering soon.
I have a varicose toe and finger.. How sad. lol.
So lethargic this few days..

Monday, May 3, 2010

Exam starting on tuesday..
And the whole of social studies textbook is not in my head. :(

I do not know am i doing the right or the wrong now..
Should i or should i not?
My mind stuck for that moment.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's inter-school sparring suck suck man..
Quite a tough fight even though i won.
Injuries all over my instab, damn ass kept using elbow to block my kicks..
Thanks, now i walk like a cripple.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tomorrow Inter-School Taekwondo Competition liao..
Wish me good luck~ haha.
No need to attend school for two days. :)
But gonna be sad missing out p.e lesson on friday..
I am so gonna flung for my science practical exam la.
Physics paper made me do wrong by confusing me with their question..
Chemistry was not that bad, quite alright but my answer is wrong..
Zinc carbonate but i wrote Calcium carbonate. :(((
Have to do well for my science paper le.
So gonna mug for the next 2 weeks.
Saturday sunday, study.
Monday tuesday thursday, study.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trying to finish as much homeworks i can and study as much too.
Have been studying and doing homework in airport for the last three days mostly with soonliang.
Dion and jeric joined us yesterday and today.
Camwhoring while studying. LOL.
"Release stress".
k, thats nonsense. Haha.
Didn't blog for quite a period liao due to tight schedules..
Science practical this wednesday and inter-school on this thursday and friday.
Hoping to get medal for all the event i participated in.
Mental strenght is important.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome movie shown in AVA room just now.
Although it sounds lame but its really nice to watch.
Brave hotel manager saving everyone's life.
Paul Rasesabagina. haha.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Best time to sleep. haha.
Quite a heavy rain just now.
Now temperature is low and windy and i want to sleep now! lol.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Wandering wandering..
Kept wandering, lots of things coming through my mind.
Erm, can say i am reflecting on what i have done so far?
Or, maybe where i had go wrong and right.
All of us have a choice.. Lol. Random.
I am still contaminated by dion's virus.
Coughing for a week liao.. Still coughing now.
Almost everyone had finished their final for painting and only i just started to trace my final.
Looks like it gonna take me another 2 week more to finish liao..
Wasted so much time..

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This Dion damn power.
Come school for oral awhile only, the next day and the day after so many people sick liao.
His germs can cause epidemic sia. LOL.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Look at how much chicken wings we BBQ-ed in a shot.
We BBQ-ed three times more than this.
And, we're eating it now.
Damn full~ :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sport's day.
Got 1st for 100m race and 2nd for 8x100m. :)
4x100m race was incredibly fast with runner like Serkit, Anwar, Ashraf and Khairul. haha.
Went SAKURA with Dion, Jinhui, Weikiat, Riduan, Weimin, Soonliang, Sohyeon and Ameline.
Hilarious la~
After we settled down, Dion and Jinhui expectedly stood up and rushed for the food. LOL!
They kept taking and taking and taking..
The whole table was filled with sushi, sashimi and etc.
Then, this employee of sakura came to remind not to waste food.
LOL. Because we really took too much food that he afraid we can't finish it.
He was wrong~ All of us Dion, Jinhui and me managed to finish all the food we took like finally?
On the other side of the table, full of unfinished food.
Weikiat they all took so much and can't finish it.
So much fun and laughter in sakura. haha.
Too much to type out everything we did.
Shall end here. :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

I need a sandbag with some faces on it to whack on right now.
F-ed up in the brain.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Had speech day in school in the morning.
Taekwondo demonstration went smoothly.
Feeling so lethargic today, do not know why..
So sleepy..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Just a picture of us in ikea last week before going fishing. :)
Got a gold for cks cup.
First fight was awesome, but really sorry to the opponent if i ko-ed you.
Second match was a relax one because he is just 13 year old and half a head shorter than me.
Have to prepare for inter-school liao.. :(
Hair caught by teacher. Damn it.
Side burn short like shit now. :@

Went to sport heats.
Good job 5D, keep up the good run. haha.
5D like monster sia. 
Lol. Thats what i heard.
Sian to the max.
Gotta carry on on my unfinished homework.
I want to sleep!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yesterday was damn fun lo. HAHA.
Last morning went for CCA.
Then, went tampines mall for lunch with friends, rui jie went off for training.
Went Ikea and Courts with dion, kaijun and jeric to have some little fun.
Stood somewhere at a forest near Courts trying to catch a lizard. LOL.
Decided to go fishing and all very steady said OK!
Met up with kaijun, dion, jeric, soonliang and keefe, bought equipments and stuff.
Fish-ed till 11+ to 12.
Not bad.. Caught a flower crab, eel and quite a lot of hermid(don't know how to spell) crab.
And, Home Sweet Home.
Thanks to Kaijun's father to bring us home. (:
Next fishing again ah? steady bo? HAHA.
Catch crabs can liao.
Sian sian sian..
Later in the morning 7.30am still have to go school for flag day. T_T
Gotta slp now..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from I.T fair at suntec convention hall.
There is soooo many people la. OMG.
It took me about 5 minutes just to walk about 100 metre?
Slow walk making me so tired.
But quite fun anyway~
Bought a thumbdrive and a memory card for my brother and a new mouse for myself!
Hehe (:
The SONY camera is so tempting me to buy them. Ahh~~
Going to start my saving plan soon, so many things i want to buy..

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Speed time graph oh speed time graph..
You gave me no clues to find your answers.
Oh~~ ee~ oh ee~ oh~~ ee~ oh ee~ oh ~~ee ~ oh ee yeah~
Lol. Diao.
Let's see.
First, there is no wrong liking anybody.
Second, i did not say who i like.
Third, stop thinking that the person i like is the person you think.
Forth, not even once that i said she will like me.
Fifth, there is no wrong singing the song we like.
Sixth, the song is not sang by you that is copyrighted which you can't stop us from singing it.
Seventh, it is no damn fucking business of yours to care what song we sing.
Last, please really do reflect on yourself, put yourself in our shoe and looking into yourself.

It was actually settled.
But you made a fuss.
I really wonder what people think of you.
Don't bother wondering what people will think about me too.
I know the answer but i want to know what people will comment on you.

"Friend" is ambiguous.
There is no exact meaning to it.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Orchard again~
But this time only three person. Lol.
Still quite fun anyway.
Went to Somerset@313 and Epicentre for the fourth time.
Took some photos again too.. haha.

Hi! Today i went to school. HAHA
Hi! Today i went to school. I had lessons. HAHA
Hi! Today i went to school. I had lessons. I did art for 4 period. HAHA
Hi! Today i went to school. I had lessons. I did art for 4 period. SerKit sat besides me. HAHA
Hi! Today i went to school. I had lessons. I did art for 4 period. SerKit sat besides me. Darren sat in front of me. HAHA
Irritated of reading? HAHA! A new way taught by Dion and SerKit of how to blog. LOL.
So sian~
Went to Big Book Shop and Tm Popular, geog workbook out of stock and they are not ordering anymore.
Staff from TM popular called Eastpoint and Whitesand's popular to check and they do not have any too. ):
Gotta photocopy the whole book liao.
But copyrighted. Lol.

Wonder why want to care what people like.
What i like what i like to buy what i like to do is not your turn to care.
And opps.
I'm not that childish to against what you designed for class-tee.
Everyone got their likes and dislikes.
I want number and name because i do not have any class-tee with that for the 5 years.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

So tired and lazy to study now~
Slept for 11 hours.. lol.
Went to watch Little Big Soldier with friends at E!hub.
Played awhile at arcade till 1am.
Hitch hiked to east cc with soon liang and walked home from there which no more transport
was available.
Reached home at 1.30am..
So tired!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

K~ Let me do a quick post here..
Damn tired today..
My relatives came to visit and i'm still in bed sleeping. LOL.
Woke up at about 11+, lucky they haven't leave.
Went to my grandma's house after that.
Soooo damn sian even though i collected quite a number of ang pao. (:
The adults chatting and playing mahjong.
Small kids playing with each other running up and down the stairs.
Sitting down doing nothing.
Some watching television and some talking to the adults.
At about 4pm, my brothers played mahjong with my mum.
So, i took a nap on the sofa.. :(
But, nevermind.
Tuesday going my sir's house bua kiao* in the morning then going out with clique in the
Hope it will be fun!

Bua kiao* = gamble

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just came back from having reunion lunch with acme and playing arcade with them. (:
Happy chinese new year!~ *in advance*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alright man~
Chinese new year is just 2 days away!!
So happy.
Going out for 2 activity tomorrow. (:
Saturday going for a reunion lunch with ACME. (:(:
Hope the fun i'll be having on chinese new year won't affect my preparation for common test 1..
Aim high!
What can i do?
I think i should ignore whatever that is said about me and take it as if there is a dog barking in the street..
I can write out a book about my priority in my friends and how much i had been critised.
I really had enough, so all i can do is to ignore.
Apologise if you all think that i am showing attitude but no i'm not.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Saturday and sunday's airshow was fun~?
Did demostrations there and explore the exhibition hall.
Although its fun but there is extremely hot la!
The sun is burning all of us man~
Made me having a V neck sunburn mark on my chest.
But cool ya~ lol.
Luckily the wind there is big enough, or else we'll become a roast pig la.. LOL.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Late update for last week.
Went orchard with friends to buy some new year clothes.
Even though its just buying clothes, it was so damn fun that day la. :)


Sorry sorry sorry sorry~~
Don't fight don't fight~
Aww~ don't cry..
Cute monkey. haha

After taekwondo, slack around in school canteen and slowly packed up our things.
Then, this "2" guys put out the table and sat there as if their house and wash their feets.~
Mean no harm. haha. :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Would not be able to update my blog for maybe
2 weeks..
Really got no time to update but will reply tags.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feels really tired now..
Going to sleep soon.
But spending 5 minutes now to update my blog. :)
Getting more homeworks these few day but didn't get to finish all
my homework in time though.
Nevermind, got the weekends for me to finish up.
Maybe going out with friends on saturday or sunday to buy
new shoe. YAY~ :)

Tomorrow going to school for, 2 and a half hour?
Then, gotta leave school with dion liao. :):)
Jealous? LOL.
If you know why we're leaving school early.
I seems to be more interested in physics, basically because of the pratical work. HAHA.
I think i said that love practical before, did i?
*eyes closing*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First, i would want to congrat riduan.
As dion said all the mistakes he made during grading which made himself quite disappointed?
But still, he hope to get a double.
His wish came true~ LOL.
He looks so happy after knowing it.

Vectors are just blasting my head off.
But anyway, question solved after asking miss ng and i understand more than last time.
Doing great with my homework~ BHB. Haha.
Finished my vector test 1. :)
Going on to test 2 and 3. hehe. ^^

Gonna push myself to the limit tomorrow..
Gym session in school with friends.

Friday can leave school early.
Leaving at 11 to meet friends and off to R.I.
Having demo rehearsal there before the actual demo on monday
in front of all secondary school's principal.
So, monday doesn't have to go school. :)

I seems to type alot today, lol.
Just too many activities going on.
KK~ Gotta do maths, ss and art now. :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why can't we have sleeping period in school?
I feel so tired in school la..
Feels so weak now.
Getting busy with art nowadays..
So much preparation to work on.
Print trace draw color, print trace draw color.
8 pieces of A3 size preparation work and a don't know
what size of canvas to paint on..
Anyway, i got some rough idea what to draw for my final liao.
So, should ease my work.
But i'm indolent working on those developments.
Seriously no time to do due to homeworks, cca, ssp, gs and etc.
Slowly i can manage my time well, but won't be getting
enough sleep.

BYE~ off for homework and bla bla.. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music is bringing me into another world~
It really makes me relax. haha.

Be independent
How will i feel when people talk bad things behind me??
Maybe i should ask people how they feel when i talk bad things behind their back first.
Tired is all i can say now..
Hope there will be nothing affecting me.
Actually there is nothing. haha.
Trying to run things smoothly.
Chemistry practical is getting fun. lol.

Try putting yourself in my shoe.
Feel what i feel.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Noticed this blue adidas statue have been starring at me all time when i'm walked into
this Adidas shop in somerset@313 .
So, i stared back at him but another classic man beside him stare at me.
Say all you want guys..
Say i'm a coward, asshole, idiot, bastard, f-ker, s-ker, jb, knn, kns and etc..
I am not what you all are thinking..
Deep inside me, you all won't know.

i just wanna concentrate on studies and now im so stressed over things.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Went Bugis street, iluma, heeren and etc today with
Soonliang, Dion and Weizhen.
The rest can't make it. :(
But nevermind, we still had a little bit of fun anyway. :)
Went bugis first to look for some clothes but the clothes they sell
ain't what expect though..
Met dion's mum, a uncle at his mum's shop was funny~ haha.
Iluma after that.
Wa. I love iluma's arcade la, let me tell you.
Its so damn fun.
And i am so gonna go to their lan shop one day after O. :)
Head to orchard, walk down to far east to check out some shoe dion want.
Ate KFC there too.. Full of philipinos. lol.
Then, walk down to Heeren and Somerset@313.
Heeren is boring..
Somerset@313 is a nice place to shop. :)
Bought some clothes there.
A pair of shoe to go..
Going to orchard, bugis and iluma later with friends :)
Go shop shop. Hehe.
My mum finally giving me money to buy my new year clothes. YAY~
Don't have to save.
But don't know how much she'll give me.. :(
Better give me more la. haha.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

All i can say now is, TIRED.
I am freaking tired and sleepy right now.
Not enough time to sleep well due to tight schedules.
But nevermind, want to give myself a pat.
Because i did all my homework and due it on time!~
You all find it lame right? But i don't.
I don't usually pass up work on time but, i did it constantly
for 2 weeks since sch reopen. HAHA.
Keep it up me~ LOL!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today, first taekwondo session in school.
Quite slack~
Just teaching some new students with some basics..
Then, just kick here and there a little bit and thats all.
Feeling a little stress but don't know i stressing over what..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm tired and lazy now..
I haven't finish my maths homework still.
So many things to remember..
Have to bring my geog textbook, need to buy chinese textbook and etc..
My brain is blasting out soon.
Still awaiting for O maths result calmly at home.
Just really hope, a b3 will appear in my result slip.
If not, retake.

Friday, January 8, 2010

O maths result coming out liao.
Wa.. scared scared~ :s
Really hoping for a b3 so i won't need to retake it again..
Lesser subjects to focus on.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ok people~
Anyone who knows who my teachers are.
Do you all think they has became more sucky?
Agree or disagree?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What the f teachers in school.
Confiscate phone together with sim card?!
Ass you la.
Then, in the end of the day out of the blue act so kind say want to return me back my phone..
But only with a piece of apology letter with 150 words.
What shit.
Nevermind, wrote the letter anyway.
Stupid new VP in springfield too.
Rules have been stricter than before.
Hair short liao still wants to catch..
I really feel sad for hasheer la.
His hair lenght was according to the school rules but still being
catch out to foyer and pay extra 5 bucks to cut his hair..
Female teachers in SPF are so much BITCH-er~ 
(Some only. haha. you all should know who~)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's just tomorrow.
School reopens again.
Finally la~ lol.
Boredom is just really killing me at home.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its already the second day of year 2010.
But i'm still confused over 2009 and 2010. LOL.
I kept saying "next year".
My mind is still in 2009..
I can't get 2009 out of my mind.
HOW? Dots..
2009 are just great, memorable and stupendous.
Happy moments always come to an end..
Gotta change my next year to this year.

Friday, January 1, 2010

All right~
Let say goodbye to 2009 and welcome 2010.
A new year for a new self. Lol.
I have nothing much to blog about actually.
Just want to blog about the new year bbq party in downtown east chalet with ACME.
One word to describe it, FUN!
Even though there is just a little bit of problem but its solved anyway.
An apology is always needed when time comes.
Really enjoyed myself there with ACME friends.
Really had alot of fun.
But, the fun thing about the chalet is.
When all the girl grouped themselves together to play a dare game.
So, some of the girls were dared to do something like seducing to some of the chosen guys. LOL.
That is so funny.
Some were dared to sing, dance in public and even use a toy phone
that is played by childrens to ask number from a guy who is from another block having bbq.