Saturday, January 30, 2010

Would not be able to update my blog for maybe
2 weeks..
Really got no time to update but will reply tags.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feels really tired now..
Going to sleep soon.
But spending 5 minutes now to update my blog. :)
Getting more homeworks these few day but didn't get to finish all
my homework in time though.
Nevermind, got the weekends for me to finish up.
Maybe going out with friends on saturday or sunday to buy
new shoe. YAY~ :)

Tomorrow going to school for, 2 and a half hour?
Then, gotta leave school with dion liao. :):)
Jealous? LOL.
If you know why we're leaving school early.
I seems to be more interested in physics, basically because of the pratical work. HAHA.
I think i said that love practical before, did i?
*eyes closing*

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First, i would want to congrat riduan.
As dion said all the mistakes he made during grading which made himself quite disappointed?
But still, he hope to get a double.
His wish came true~ LOL.
He looks so happy after knowing it.

Vectors are just blasting my head off.
But anyway, question solved after asking miss ng and i understand more than last time.
Doing great with my homework~ BHB. Haha.
Finished my vector test 1. :)
Going on to test 2 and 3. hehe. ^^

Gonna push myself to the limit tomorrow..
Gym session in school with friends.

Friday can leave school early.
Leaving at 11 to meet friends and off to R.I.
Having demo rehearsal there before the actual demo on monday
in front of all secondary school's principal.
So, monday doesn't have to go school. :)

I seems to type alot today, lol.
Just too many activities going on.
KK~ Gotta do maths, ss and art now. :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

Why can't we have sleeping period in school?
I feel so tired in school la..
Feels so weak now.
Getting busy with art nowadays..
So much preparation to work on.
Print trace draw color, print trace draw color.
8 pieces of A3 size preparation work and a don't know
what size of canvas to paint on..
Anyway, i got some rough idea what to draw for my final liao.
So, should ease my work.
But i'm indolent working on those developments.
Seriously no time to do due to homeworks, cca, ssp, gs and etc.
Slowly i can manage my time well, but won't be getting
enough sleep.

BYE~ off for homework and bla bla.. :)