Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yesterday was damn fun lo. HAHA.
Last morning went for CCA.
Then, went tampines mall for lunch with friends, rui jie went off for training.
Went Ikea and Courts with dion, kaijun and jeric to have some little fun.
Stood somewhere at a forest near Courts trying to catch a lizard. LOL.
Decided to go fishing and all very steady said OK!
Met up with kaijun, dion, jeric, soonliang and keefe, bought equipments and stuff.
Fish-ed till 11+ to 12.
Not bad.. Caught a flower crab, eel and quite a lot of hermid(don't know how to spell) crab.
And, Home Sweet Home.
Thanks to Kaijun's father to bring us home. (:
Next fishing again ah? steady bo? HAHA.
Catch crabs can liao.
Sian sian sian..
Later in the morning 7.30am still have to go school for flag day. T_T
Gotta slp now..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back from I.T fair at suntec convention hall.
There is soooo many people la. OMG.
It took me about 5 minutes just to walk about 100 metre?
Slow walk making me so tired.
But quite fun anyway~
Bought a thumbdrive and a memory card for my brother and a new mouse for myself!
Hehe (:
The SONY camera is so tempting me to buy them. Ahh~~
Going to start my saving plan soon, so many things i want to buy..