Friday, May 21, 2010

Randomly picked a picture and posted it. Lol.
Some people who don't who is standing beside me~
I'm so honoured to be standing beside a SeaGames ranked 66th. haha.
Take photo somemore. hehe. :D
Schedule will be hectic for this week and next month.
National poomsae just this saturday and sunday.
Hopefully i can win a medal home. haha.
And good luck to others who participated in this coming National poomsae.
Next whole week we're having consecutively 6 periods of MT lessons. OMG.
By the end of this intensive chinese lessons, everyone will be so intimidated by chinese characters. haha.
Not even dare to watch chinese drama.(dots.. not funny at all.. lol)
3 weeks of normal school days for sec 5s in the june holiday..
Freaking tired sia..

Monday, May 17, 2010

(Previous sakura pic above, because today no picture of table full of plates. LOL)

Today's Sakura Buffet was sumptuous.
Ate till damn full.
Full but not as much as the last time we went, we only ate like 4 to 5 plates each person today.
Also, not as fun as last time.
Lesser friends came but got 2 new friend joined, Martin and Gina. Haha.
Went the last floor of E!Hub to slack and chat there for about more than 1 hour.
Saw some springfielders and vera went for Kbox. lol.
Make our way to Soonliang's house to play ps3.
I think soonliang is very happy that he finally unlocked kaijun's iphone and kaijun is very happy that his iphone is unlocked. HAHA.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The weather in singapore is getting hotter and hotter day by day.
The heat is making me sweat every single minute no matter how calm i am. lol.
Singapore snow la please.. haha.
Anyway looks like today i'm gonna starve myself till tomorrow.
Because tomorrow going sakura! haha.
Going to watch my monster friends being unleash for the food. HAHA.