Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice game with jeric. Haha. :D
Owned him in all three matches but i neglected my throne and he win me for the first two matches.. LOL.
But manage to win him in the last match. haha.
I'm not showing off jeric, you still got big space of improvement. :)
Hectic schedule for this and next week.
Anyway this week ending soon..
Left one more week of holiday for me to complete all my homework that i haven't done yet.
No idea whether if i can finish all of it in time with the maths camp taking away two days of my last week.
I need to lenghthen the holiday for my homework!
Two whole day of maths is so gonna make me afraid of numbers. lol.
Have friend that recently had a metamorphosis.
Which in, quite a negative way?
Nevermind, not gonna care anymore anyway.
Mishap happened again last week and it's really a mishap.
Just a little bit of breakdance movements and.. ya.
Really hope Veron ma'am recover fast and train with us again.
Drink more milk Veron ma'am. haha (:
Acme, let's all encourage each other not to give up for this one last day before saturday's big demo.
Let's do this perfectly without spotting any little mistakes. Jiayou! :D
After holiday need to mug again at airport le.
No more joke, fun and games anymore.
O's is really getting nearer and nearer.
Same goes to Nationals sparring competition, it's just in september. Very soon.
Need to work doubly hard for both studies and taekwondo.
Jiayou for myself! O.o

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Really have to thanks everybody who either wished, celebrated or both with me.
I really really do appreciates it alot.
And loves the presents you all gave me, it's really cute and cool. haha.
The worst birthday "slaps" ever.. LOL.
Get slapped by quite alot of tkd friends on my body. It's really painful guys.. haha.
Did enjoy it. Thanks.
Would love the wishes that i get on 11/06, 12.00am on the dot.
Also, Wishes Ameline and Jeric Happy Birthday which amelines' is a day after me and jerics' two days after me. (: