Thursday, June 24, 2010

I wonder anyone of my friends remember this guy. haha
Few weeks back, starting of june holiday when we nidda go back school for extra classes.
During the break time, we went out of school to a coffee shop behind our school ad have lunch.
And, saw this guy who thinks his fringe long = nice. LOL
It's like so ugly can~ hahaha.

Anyway, today had Sakura buffet lunch at E!Hub with Ql sir, Soonliand, Jeric, Leona, Ruijie, Junjie and Nicholas.
Had a lot of fun eating with them. haha.
Went to had bowling after that, we even had more fun. lol.
Splited into two groups competiting each other. haha.
All kena thrashed by me. :)
Tyco me had strike/spare spree today.
Score of 100+ at my 4th or 5th throw already.
AND, i'm not showing off~
I'm just really lucky nia. haha. (:
Took nicholas's car to tampines safra for a snooker game.
Snooker is really damn hard to play..
Table so big and long.. lol.
Being pranked by Ql sir..
Take my sim card.. walao. Forcer sia. LOL

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watched Toy Story 3(3D) just now.
With Soonliang, Dixon, Samuel, Jeric, Leona, Kaijun and Yongle.
The movie was awesome, nice, funny, touching and sad too.
But overall, it's funny. haha.
Buzz lightyear in spanish, never see before huh? LOL.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Melodramatic people, propaganda and attitude problems.
Can't stand any of these.
Gonna extend my limits for good purposes.
GL me all you want and i can just pretend you are being an idiot at the side talking to yourself.
I can stare at you all day GL-ing me with my mind blank thinking of nothing that is going to burst my limits.
People born with eyes is to see, neither they are blind.
Their eyes see everything, what is happening and uses their brain to analyse which is right and which is wrong.
Not only do we see and think, we uses our resourcefulness to get sufficient information that can 
actually send you to hell even though everything looks like so fine and you gonna win.
Go and wash your brain of what you're doing and thinking.
Wrong + Wrong = WRONG.
Choose the right route.
I still take you as a friend, i wish you take the advise.
It's your CHOICE.

This is not a post to offend anyone. It is advise post.