Saturday, July 10, 2010

Training today was rather fun.
Practice through all the shifting and etc.
After that, on sit down one circle sparring.
Comments i get from my seniors that my turning during sparring is like terribly bad.. sigh.
My hip is stiff and i'm like really trying le..
Nevermind, there is still some little time for me.
Not to waste them but use them to practice my turning kick during sparring. FTW
I'll keep on trying.
Anyway, Happy Birthday to that someone but not anyone. haha (:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy week gonna end soon le.
Can finally have more time to do my work le..
No more fooling around.
Tomorrow's my prelim english oral and next tuesday, O' level Mother Tongue oral.
Hope it doesn't get too hard for me. haha.
Saturday night needa attend a dinner with Ntc, Poomsae squad and also the DEMO team!
And this will be my fourth time going to dine at Sakura, lol.
Hope this time will not make me feel bored of their same varieties of food. haha.
Busy saturday and i couldn't make myself free on that night to... ya.
But, i'm going to... haha.
Sunday grading liao but not me though.
Good luck to anyone who is taking grading on sunday to get a double. hehe.
After grading gonna go buy my pants with friends. (:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

This two sneaker have been attracting me all along.. lol.
So gonna get one pair in august i think. haha.

School work are getting more and more, it's piling up everyday but i'm too lazy to finish any.
But soon, i will finish all of it.
Need some time to manage my time well first.