Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tonight's dinner at Sakura with other STF members who demonstrated in D&D was great and fun.
But, after the dinner we went to arcade even more fun! HAHA.
Soonliang and Jeric went to check on the bowling alley whether it is full.
Full, so went to check on billard.
Billiard also full.
So no choice we went into the arcade to have some fun. LOL
Went in, first extreme lame and impossible we boys will do was to take NEOPRINTS! ROFL.
11 of us found a big neoprints machine and went in.
Stood in our own positions and SHHEE CHHIK! haha.
And, we took 8 shots.
Then we move on to play Maximum tune, Daytona, Initial D and Kaijun played his mario racing. lol.
So damn fun. :D
All took Nicholas's van home after all activities.
Sorry guys, my scanner got some problems, couldn't scan the neoprints.