Monday, July 19, 2010

Tomorrow is my O level listening comprehendsion le.
Gotta dig my ear! lol.
Need to be super focus tomorrow.. Listening comprehendsion is my, can say weakest sub le.
Have to make it my best shot for tomorrow.
After listening comprehendsion, soon it will be prelims science practical exam.
Followed by O level English oral and straight a day after oral, prelim starts. :(
Really have to score for this coming exams la..
If not die is all i can say..
Put studies aside. haha.
Played pool with jeric, nicholas and etc for quite a numbers of time over the last few weeks.
It is fun playing with them.
Day by day, skills improved.
And they start to challenge a match by buying a drink, plate of maggie or sugar peanuts. LOL
Fortunately, i had won nicholas 2 drinks which then changed to a plate of maggie.
Won jeric a packet of sugar peanut. 
Now i only left with QingLong sir to beat.
He is still the current top "pro" player among us. 
Followed by me? haha. But yeah, i'm really placed second under QL sir. hahaha.