Saturday, August 14, 2010

I am so delighted that i am going to korea during the year which is just 6 days after my last paper for O's.
:D :D
And staying there for two weeks long.
First week will be with my school's tkd members and teachers.
Mostly all tour and just one day of training.
Then, my school's tkd people will fly back to singapore.
And.. Dion and me will continue to stay there to await ACME to arrive. hehe.
For this last week, all training with koreans!
It will be tiring i think.. but it will be fun too!
Really can't wait till O's finishes and head to korea for trainings and shopping. HAHA.
But, the first and only important thing i need to do now is not to get distracted by the korea trip. lol.
If not i'll be daydreaming the whole day about korea and not studying..
Need to study hard for coming prelims and O's..
Also not to forget, need to train hard too for Nationals.
But i can't really perform well during training...
Feeling so lethargic this few days..
My legs became wobbly straight after a few kicks only..
Easy tiring and etc..
I really need more sleep to recuperate man.. DAMN!
k~ That's it for now..
Tomorrow got training in the morning and demo for yog open in the evening. :D

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

National day :)

I am gonna like say what happen today step by step. lol
It's National day as everyone knows.
Staying at home would be a boredom for us.
So, met up with Michelle, Samuel and Soonliang.
Went to Dhouby gaut, saw some futsal game going.
So, samuel, soonliang and me stood at side to watch them play.
And, omg, they are like so noob man. haha. bhb.
Then, walked to orchard to find buffet but there do not any..
Went in to Toy r rus and, i found three super heros! haha.
I found two megatron and an iron man!~
Took a photo of them though. (above) LOL.
After that took bus 7 to bugis to have buffet at 天天火鍋.
I forgotten who the hell who told us it closed down but it is still there.. -.-
We were like all the way just eating only crabmeats, fish and chicken wings. rofl.
Eat and talk, talk and eat.
In the talk, the funny part is, the ANG MOH SAI. lol.
Alright, i think nobody knows what the hell i talking about except those who were there. haha.
Finished our buffet, and home sweet home. :D
Great way to spend our day happily during national day. hehe.
Even if it is just four person, it is still fun.
Sorry if i didn't jio the rest to go out.