Friday, August 27, 2010

Alright altright..
I am now suppose to be at home sleeping and playing computer.
But, the deadline of passing up my preparatory work is just around the corner.
So have to crawl up from my bed and head myself to school to rush my art.. :/
Not that bad though.
Mr siva left the door of the digital art room opened, so i am now blogging. haha.
Waiting for Serkit to come school and make our way to caltex to buy some food. lol.
Prelim is a killer man..
Glad that subjects that need full of memory to memorise like goeg and ss are over!
English and Chinese was so so..
Maths was rather easy to me though except for some question require lots of my brain juice. Lol.
And, chemistry....
I am so confident that i am going to fail, my result for chemistry sure gonna drop like bomb man..
Nevermind, now need to concentrate more on my physics to pull up my result.
Left with onli all the paper 2.
Aiming B3 and some A2 for all the subjects.
Next saturday............
Nationals le, i am gonna die man..
Didin't go for quite a number of training because of exams.