Saturday, November 13, 2010

After all the school, homework, reading, practicing and stress.
O level is over!
Enjoy is all i can think of now. HAHA.
Play play play and play.
However, i miss school and lesson once our last ends. lol.
All the fun i had in school with friends for 5 years, so memorable.
Hope still can meet up at times.
Had seoul garden with my friends yesterday was so fun. haha.
If those fun can carry on, that would be best. hehe.
Next fun will be all on town, town, town, korea, www and the cage. HAHA!
With friends again! :D
While the fun carry on, result still be the issue what we'll be worrying about. lol.
But, FUN FIRST! haha.
Then, need to work for extra ALLOWANCE.
And, SHOP!!