Friday, January 14, 2011

Since when i last blogged? 2 months plus ago.
My blog look so dull, boring, lame and dead. hahah. Should i kill my blog?? haha.
Took O level results and witnessed people expressing sadness, happiness and also disappointment.
For me, happiness and disappointment will fall on me.
Happy that i am able to get into poly.
Disappointed on grades that did not comes out what i expected for, which i have studied so hard on.
Like what my blog title shows.
We all have a choice, choice on whether to keep on whining over results or move on.
Like whole lot of people saying it on facebook, it's time to move on.
Do what we need to do for our future. hahah.
Due to my LOUSY result, i doubt i can get into aerospace engineering.
But i hope they put me into mechatronics/aerospace engineering la!
Went to TP and had a talk with one of the aerospace engineering lecturer.
He advised me on how i can get into aerospace engineering through mechatronics/aerospace engineering.
Well, it was really a long talk but i was so convinced by him.
Now i really hope that i can get into mechatronics/aerospace engineering.
But something, i put mechatronics/aerospace as my forth choice!! OMG~
Looks like nobody can help me~ Lol.