Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I am super exaggerating and super paranoid about almost everything.
And this is not what i want but i can't help it.
Here it go all over again.
First was her, then now, you.
It seems like you're the one who unintentionally made me forget about her, without me even noticing it.
Day by day, i can feel myself liking you more and more, deeper and deeper.
And there was when i started to feel insecure, jealousy kicking in.
Whenever i see you talking or chatting with other guys, my heart sinks.
I don't want to be like bobby!
I don't want to control you when you're not even mine.
So i'm controlling myself from all this feelings.
I want you to know this so much but at the same time i do not want you to know too.
I always hoping that you will like me, at least for a bit.
Not friend relationship like but more than friend that kind of like.
But sadly i know i'm not the one you like as you do not believe me saying you're pretty.
As you said, you only or somehow believe in the guy you like says.
Got no idea when i will pick up my courage to tell you all this.