Saturday, June 3, 2017

2nd June 2017

Met up with baby and sent her home. Seems like baby not gonna take a break with me. I am really happy. She was feeling needy for me today, i was more than happy to give her my hugs that she need. She told me the night before when we called to talk, she really needed my hug... i feel so useless not being able to give her the hug that she needed during thag time... :( After sending her home, she needed to pack her stuff and head to chalet with friends. She told me that she gonna keep texting me but sadly, she didnt... her replies starting to get cold again... i could understand that all her friends are there and watching her... which gave her a hard time to reply me... i feel very sad that she didnt text me as much as she said she will but at the same time i want her to enjoy herself... so, i did not tell her about this... need to keep it to myself and not make her angry again... only this way i could make her happy... i miss baby so much eventhough i only just met her 2 hours before her chalet... i really want to see her and talk to her but... i shall just let her have fun... I love you baby...

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