Sunday, June 4, 2017

4th June 2017

Baby ended her chalet. Idk if she had fun but i hope she did. She was being cold to me today... maybe because i was annoying her with my sadness and missing her much... or maybe i am just annoying... but it hurts... hurts that she's being cold to me... i really dont know if she want to talk to me... it just seemed like she doenst want to talk to me... she avoided questions i asked again... i dont know if she knows that it hurts when she do this... i just have to pretend that its okay again... i keep feeling that she's losing interest in me... her love for me seems to fade even when she said it didnt... i really want to know the truth deep down in her heart... but at the same time i am so scared i couldnt take the answer... sometimes, i really feel like hurting myself to get her attention... am i stupid?...

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