Wednesday, June 7, 2017

7th June 2017

Met baby and sent her to school this morning. Then she decide to reach school late, so we skipped a few trains and went to nex to wall for abit as her friend asked her to buy food. Baby finally simmered down abit and start to be close to me again :) She hugged me again :) It feels really great to be able to be hugged by baby again i swear. She also held my hand again :) Then continued to send her to school. Reached J8, she was afraid a lot of her teachers will be around so i sent her off at 1 of the J8 exit which she brought me to. Hugged her goodbye and she kissed me 😊😊😊 I hope you know that i am happy babyy. 😊 After her school, she came over to my work to find me. We walked around chit chatting holding hands. Walked to sentosa and back, then around vivo city looking at toy r rus and babies stuff. We then went to an exit, hugged and kissed intensely. I hope baby knows that i've missed her hug and kiss so so so sooooooo much. I miss everything about her. The way she look at me, the way she talks to me, her holding my hand, hugging me, kissing me and making out with me. I miss everything sooooo much. She turns me on every single time when we start hugging and kissing. Hope you know that babyyy :) We got some skin contact and gave her a love bite. :) After that, brought her down to mrt station to send her off to go home.

Sad thing is, after she left, she starts talking to me quite coldly again :( She dont snap me her face and all :(( when what i want to see most in her snap is her face :((  Sent her a photo that she liked on insta about couples who sleeps together naked are happy and asked her if we should sleep naked together. She kept replying 🤔🤔 to all my questions and doesnt want to answer me... :(( idk if she knows that the way she dont answer my questions really hurts me and makes me think aaaaaaaaaa lot. It makes me even more insecure... 😔😔  she seems like she is not obsessed with me anymore... and cannot talk lovely to me anymore... 😔😔 I swear i am fucking sad... i hope she knows... told her i am getting sad and she replied she is still not gonna answer... whats wrong baby??? Why cannot answer me like you always did before??... 😳😳😳

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